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  1. I read this photo entirely differently. The Turkmen officials are putting on a show, just as it seems to be a regular aspect of public life in Turkmenistant. See, for example, this news report from a few years ago –
    Isn’t it rather unnatural to have your president speak to you via video-conference, and you are taking down notes with pen and paper? I speculate that the officials are just jotting down random things or doodling. I don’t take this to be a sign of attention, but of disorganisation, artificiality, or flattery.
    I cannot say how attentive or diligent the Armenian officials generally are, but for a public protocol meeting like this, for the press, their behaviour seems much more natural to me. If they went to a private meeting with a senior or lower bureaucrat to discuss some public issue and then did not come with notes or did not take notes, I would be more worried.

    1. Well, to be frank, me too… I was just being sarcastic!

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