Women demand fair trial

About 150 women had gathered in front of the general prosecutor’s office to demand fair trial and freedom for political prisoners. They also conveyed a letter to the prosecutor’s office.
“Today, we have not come here to celebrate our feast but we have come here to demand freedom for our husbands and men. Since they are in prisons, we cannot celebrate it,” says Heghine Harutyunyan, a participant of the action. That was included in the letter signed by the gathered women and conveyed to the general prosecutor’s office of Republic of Armenia.
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The Constitution Day

This is one of those exceptionally rare occasions, when I want to join the President of Armenia, Chairman of the National Assembly of RA and the Prime Minister
…in greeting everybody on the Day of Armenian Constitution! While the official figures mentioned above have displayed with their actions, that they are placed so high mostly to be above the Armenian Constitution and violate its provisions as much as they can, I’m still proud, that we do have a Constitution, that its a pretty good one, and that one day, maybe, with this constitution we will finally live in a democratic and rule of law state.
Interestingly, Golos Armenii newspaper has an article full of hatred towards this Constitution Date,  the old Constitution, the opposition… basically it’s full of hatred towards everyone, except its beloved President – Robert Kocharian, who obviously has ordered the newspaper to be exactly that much full of hatred towards the Constitution Date… but then again, its all just politics, isn’t it? And Golos Armenii is not really a newspaper, its a little nail in the coffin made for democracy in Armenia. But I don’t care, I’m happy and proud today.
Hail to Independent Armenia and its Constitution! 

The Liberty Square Liberated

“The upcoming “meeting” [of Aylyntranq] will be held in Azatutyan square on Friday, April 13, 2007, at 19:00”, announces Aramazd with joy, noting, that “Finally the authorities surrendered” to the Aylyntranq demands to have the Liberty square in front of the Opera house in Yerevan for their rallies, following a couple of refusals.

This is micro victory meaning not much, but sufficient to make them believe that we are really decisive, stubborn, tht we are not afraid, that we are ready for conflicts, for courts, for the police…

Failures of the Armenian Judicial System

Marutni or Bust is frustrated with with the Armenian Judicial system and the Minister of Justice David Harutyunyan, who hopes to be running for Parliament on the upcoming parliamentary elections. The case has concluded in the court, with one trafficker receiving 5 years (should be eligible for parole next year), another 2 years and the others one year probation.

All I can say right now is that we should all once again be disappointed with the legal system in Armenia, which once again demonstrated that it does not work in the best interest of the people, but works to reward criminals so they will again go back to their dishonest deeds which provides an income for those people like RA Minister of Justice David Haroutiunian who has undoubtedly become one of the top 10 richest people in Armenia today as a results of manipulating the system to his advantage.

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