Commentary: Armenia’s Looming Elections Look to Be “Symbolic”

Screenshot from 2013-01-30 10:54:00 The American bi-monthly international affairs magazine National Interest has published prominent Caucasus expert Sergey Markedonov’s commentary on Armenia’s upcoming presidential elections. Continue reading


Average Monthly Wage in Armenia Lowest among Caucasus States

Average Monthly Wages using ILO data

Average Monthly Wages in Caucasus Countries vst Global Average, based on ILO data

Average monthly wage in Armenia is more than 3 times less than the global average, which is estimated to be equal to $1,480 a month according to the study published last year by the United Nations’ International Labour Organization (ILO). Furthermore, the average wage in Armenia is the lowest among the three Caucasian states.

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The Economist says Armenia is “in the vice”

A view of Mt. Ararat from Yerevan

A view of Mt. Ararat from Yerevan | Photo by Ֆեյսբուքահայություն

“Armenia has a class of “30-something” technocrats, whose western education and global outlook means they are less rooted in the Soviet mentality than their elders. That bodes well for the future,” The Economist writes in a blog-post about Armenia published this week. Continue reading