The World Discourages Democracy in Nagorno Kharabakh

Echannel reports figures presented by the deputy chairman of NKR CEC, according to which 53.08%, or 48,494 of 91,180 voters had already cast their ballots by 14:00 in the Presidential Elections in Nagorno-Karabakh, thus making the 4th Presidential elections held in the self-determined Republic a fact of life.
There are mixed reactions to these elections in Armenia, from total indifference to singing praises or speaking the usual opposition talk about how bad the pre-election campaign was and how it is all being rigged, etc. A wide diversity of opinion and comments about the elections can be found in the Armenian blogosphere as well – an interesting review of the mainly English language Armenian blogosphere has already been posted on Globalvoicesonline.
Not going into further discussion about the quality of elections held in NKR I can say that the general perception so far is, that they are at least better then those held in Armenia or Azerbaijan – the two neighboring countries. However, even before the elections are completed, various countries and international organizations have already declared, that they do not recognize the elections.
PanARMENIAN.Net reports about the negative reactions by NATO and US, A1plus on its turn reports NKR’s incumbent president Arkadi Ghukasyan’s response to discouraging calls from the International Community:

“If the international community does not recognize the electoral processes in our Republic, let them offer their alternative variant or Ghukasyan should proclaim himself Turkmenbashi and rule the country for a half century”, said Mr Ghukasyan, underlining that the NKR conducted the election for the nation not for the international community.

The same points are made in this podcast(am) taken from RFE/RL – and I can only express my surprise at such negative response, especially from US, or from an organization like NATO.
There are people living in the territory called Nagorno-Karabakh, and even if the world doesn’t recognize it as a state, there has to be some kind of authority over those people. Isn’t it better, when this authority is elected democratically? Why would the champions of democracy in the world: US and NATO be so negative about democracy? The stakes are too high, so we leave the sweet words about freedom and support our interests only, right? Isn’t that what their negative announcements have just demonstrated? And isn’t this hypocrisy in the words and actions of the US foreign policy, that turns even the good friends into enemies across the world?

Legislative Initiative to Shut Down Radio Liberty in Armenia

According to Yerevan Press Club expert Mesrop Harutyunyan the
proposed changes to “Law on State Duties ” and “Law on television and radio” are aimed specifically against the RFE / RL(am).
Not going into technical details on how exactly this is reflected in the proposed legislative changes, let us restate the words of the expert, that the Radio Liberty has been one of the best sources for information throughout the Parliamentary elections campaign for a wide range of audience, and such an initiative, which according to the Radio Liberty was put forward by President Kocharian, is undoubtedly related to the upcoming presidential elections in Armenia.
Check out today’s Aravot or RFE / RL(am) for more. The Podcast(am) included with this post is the radio clip from RFE / RL(am) morning report – in Armenian.

"Artificial sensations" – especially for Uzogh :)

From Uzogh‘s blog I found out, that on H1 TV the following was broadcast:

1. Artur Baghdasaryan announced, that he will run for president on 2008 elections.
2. Artur Baghdasaryan announced, that his life is in danger.
3. The subtitles of the “Rull of Law” party video claim, that they have heard this recording on the Golos site and consider it to be an “Artificial Sensation”.

Uzogh also asks a very good question: what exactly does “artificial sensation” mean? My response: it is when “Orinats Yerkir” gets a lot of publicity without deserving it, and becomes the subject of everyone’s interest. Another question follows: why the hell do they get all that publicity? I don’t know, but I assume, that in this manner the government are trying to divert public attention from more serious and radical opposition, although if you ask my personal opinion, there is none!

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