Podcast: Armenian blogs on Turkish President's visit to Armenia

Following Turkish President Abdulla Gull’s historic visit to Armenia, Armenian bloggers are engaged in active discussions – was it a positive step, or a negative one? Was it right for Armenia’s to invite highest Turkish official to Armenia or not? Even the fact Armenian football team lost 0:2 to Turkey, has been completely overshadowed by Turkish president’s visit. There is also an interview with Latvian blogger Artur Mednis. Download the full podcast here or listen to it online below.

Podcast: Reactions to Armenia-Turkey Football Match

The Armenian Blogosphere radio program is back – after a holiday season, and back with a bang! One day before the memorable Armenia-Turkey football match, to which Serge Sargsyan has invited the Turkish president Abdulla Guyl, the program brings you updates and reactions from the Armenia-Turkey football match.
This 19th issue of the Armenian Blogosphere also features and interview with Simon Blogian, our prolific blogger-friend from USA. Download the podcast here or listen to it online below:

Podcast: A1plus won in European Court of Human Rights

The 17th issue of the “Armenian Blogosphere” Radioshow – Podcast is now available. The 5 minute 2mb mp3 file of the program can be downloaded here. The issue brings a review of blog-posts about the A1plus victory at the European Court of Human Rights announced this week. The full Armenian text of the review is available at the Armenian language version of this blog – here. The podcast also features an interview with Uzbek bloger Tolkun – made at the Caucasus Barcamp.

Podcast on the First Caucasus BarCamp

The team of Armenian bloggers have returned back from the Caucasus BarCamp which took place in Tbilisi on June 7-8. This Podcast which will be broadcast by Radio Hay tomorrow – on Saturday morning, features an introduction to the concept of BarCamps in general, tells about the Tbilisi Barcamp, and features interviews with Evgeni Morozov, an expert in new media and internet, interviews with Uzbek and Latvian bloggers. Feel free to download and listen to the mp3 version.

Podcast: That empty phrase called "Human Rights" in Armenia

The Podcast of the radio program made by the Echannel.am team, to be broadcast this Saturday on Radio Hay, is now available in mp3 format here. The program features a blog roundup of reactions to attacks on human right’s activist Mikayel Danielyan and opposition youth leader Arsen Kharatyan. The full Armenian text of the roundup is available at the Armenian version of this blog.
The Podcast also features and interview with one of the rare Armenian language bloggers – Christina from Mi or… blog.

Podcast on Eurovision Blogging

With some delay I’m uploading the Podcast of the Radio Hay program broadcast last Saturday, dealing with the Eurovision Blogging, as well as featuring an interview with LiveJournal blogger – Akunamatata_Ser, who is sharing his vision of the internet slang – used mostly in LiveJournal and commonly referred to by bloggers as “Olbanskii” – a strange and funny variety of Russian with strange spelling and lot’s of cryptic signs.

Blog Roundup: The sad tale of robberies, bribe and blasphemy

Armenian bloggers reported terrible stories of robberies, bribe and blasphemy last week. Among some of the noteworthy posts were Nazarian’s post about shutting down the “Parisian cafe” on Abovyan street, Alefalef‘s discovery, that Beeline is double charging for March and April – thus, technically, robbing its customers, and Athanatoi‘s report, about continuous Georgian attempts to convert Armenian churches in Georgia into “old Georgian’ churches, and the recent case with Surb Norashen Church in Tbilisi – wherby Georgians were planting old Georgian tombstones in the yard of the Church and erasing Armenian inscriptions, changing them for Georgian ones – all of this with photographic evidence.
The full text in Armenian is here, and the 5 minute podcast, also featuring an interview with LiveJournal blogger Akunamatata_ser is here.

Idiocracy or Armenia for Dummies

Reading Armenian blogs last week one would get the impression, that Armenia is a complete idiocracy, and that Armenians should be given the handbook “Armenia for Dummies” to make sense of their own country. Listen to this 5 minute podcast of the Armenian blog roundup in Armenian or read the full post here.

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