Sirusho Chosen for Eurovision 2008!

The Armenia blog is apolitical as ever – thus giving me a pleasant break from reading all the various accounts of the LTP rally. Noting, that Armenian pop singer Sirusho is going to represent Armenia during Eurovision-2008 international song contest, which will take place in Serbian Belgrade next year, Rhyne remarks:

Let’s hope the public is able to pick a song that doesn’t automatically guarantee failure, like last year’s. Unfortunately, it is not yet known whether innocent bystanders will be beat, stabbed, or shot, but keep checking back.

Interestingly A1plus blog had also written about Sirusho/Eurovision earlier, asking a question:

Do you think Sirusho will be able to present our country at its best? And what do you think about the Eurovision overall?

Artur Papyan

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  1. If Sirusho represents our country, I beleive Armenia will not be with in top ten.

  2. Sirusho i know that you are the winner i love you so much

  3. jj

  4. good luck Sirusho, we are with you, I believe that you will be the winner.

  5. Watch Sirusho’s videos and other Eurovision participant videos here

  6. Barev Sirusho jan,yes qo amenamec erkrpagun em,qele-qele irar het gnanq yes im hay hoxi~~~~~~………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):)

  7. Sirusho jan,
    Let’s rock Europe! I hope Europe will appretiate our great song and will vote for our amazing singer. QELE Armenia to host Eurovision 2009:)

  8. The song is super i belive that we are the winner go sirusho jan i love you so much.
    Good luck Armenia.
    2009 in Yerevan.

  9. KAREN SAYS: If Sirusho is not the winner, so it’s unjust!!!

  10. Yesssssssssss Voteeeeee for Armeniaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. SIRUSHO I love you!!! You are pop princess
    You will win!
    Of course!

  12. Great Eurovision site!
    All the 2008 Finalist entries could be listened here:

  13. SIRUSHO! YOU SHOULD WIN THIS and prove to everyone of your haters, who unfortunately, are mostly EUROPEAN ARMENIANS that you can win even without their votes!!!!! I wish you the best!!!!!!

  14. zgum em vor ays anqam arachin texnenq Sirushoyi ays yerqovv

  15. i like armenia but i leke also GREECE with KALOMIRA!!!!!!!DO you agree;

  16. Sirusho ich weiß dass du gewinnst. Also Kopf hoch

  17. No! No! No!
    No Sirusho!

  18. sirusho,you are only rubbish with all armenians

  19. to azeri girl: Our culture and science must have you thinking: Whos rubbish out there????
    to Sirusho: Sirusho jan, you couldn’t sing very well in the semi final. Hope you’ll sing better in the final.
    to everyone: Greece and Norway also RULEZZZZZ….

  20. Sirusho from Armenia ROCKS the stage and makes the world SPIN w/her devine charm, beauty and talent!!!

  21. dear sirusho
    you bring together alls tastes, all the hies and telling make love together , not figth.
    your song lyric is great, you are great, your choreography is great.
    we love you
    good luck from holland
    you are already a winner, even if you dont be come the first, know you are the best

  22. Sirusho rocked the stage, made the world spin and took everyone captive with her charm, beauty and performance. At only 21, she has the grace of Audrey Hepburn, the charm of Anna Pavlova and the voice that commands respect wherever she is and the stage of Eurovision 2008 is definitely no exception. She also wrote her own song.
    As for the other contestants, some of them definitely seemed like they were stuck in a time warp with their appearance and performance. In fact I had to look at the screen twice to confirm that it was Eurovision 2008 and not 1988.
    Sirusho could very well finish at #1.

  23. you are the best

  24. Es war nun igit armenia schleim land weiter so schleimen

  25. i love what she dooooooooo she have amaizing voicee

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