Ballot Stuffing – Mobile Phone Video

A reader of E-channel has sent in a video material, illustrating a case of ballot stuffing on the February 19 Presidential Elections.

We can see how a man is stuffing the ballot box, while the electoral commission members watch him without attempting to interfere or stop the illegal activity.


11 thoughts on “Ballot Stuffing – Mobile Phone Video

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    Nanul - 21.02.2008

    Raping the concept of free and fair election… as you rightly said it:-(

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    nazarian - 21.02.2008

    That’s elections Armenian style… Always notorious for corruption and disregard for human dignity.

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    Rhyne - 22.02.2008

    What’s with these one-sided comments? Tell me a place where elections happen without problems! Armenia is starting out and every time little things are learned to be applied next time.
    If we can say that this election was fairer than the last then we’ve accomplished a lot.

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    Observer - 22.02.2008

    >If we can say that this election was fairer than the last then we’ve accomplished a lot.
    sorry to disappoint you Rhyne, but I don’t think we can say these elections were fairer than the last 🙁

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    game - 22.02.2008

    what is to prove that this was part of elections held on 19.02.08?
    I don’t belive this; this could be organised by the levonees as well,
    I mean the shooting, the “film-making”, but not the election process itself. Am more prone to think this was part of the GREAT LEVONEE PLAN
    Even if there were violations, I am happy LTP was not elected.
    I don’t want him to be my president, who splits the society, discourages the nation,
    taking advantage of unawareness and jealousy of thousands
    thank you

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    Observer - 22.02.2008

    Game – I don’t play political games, and if I had any doubts that this video was fabricated, I wouldn’t put it in my blog.
    This was a genuine video. Following the posting of this video on E-channel and later on A1plus, investigation was launched and the man you see filling in the ballot box was caught yesterday and will be punished by law.

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    Vahagn - 22.02.2008

    if this man is caught and will get punished, then there is progress. fraud happens in every election, in every country. the important thing is to punish the perpetrators.

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    game - 22.02.2008

    Well, I am sorry , if I hurt your feelings anyhow, just was trying to exrpess my view, and to evade from another lie on the part of provocators.
    The most important thing at this point is, he is caught, and that the punishment is to follow.
    There are very many lies and rumors and vague stuff. we need more concrete things,
    sth. that will lead to improvement and justice, and for this particular reason,
    we should stay united.

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    Onnik Krikorian - 22.02.2008

    Vahagn, is right and it should be remembered that Ter-Petrossian’s people have done enough falsifying elections in the past. The point is that the instruments for punishing those guilty of fraud are non-partisan. For example, I don’t doubt that if Levon comes to power through street protests and the defection of key members of the government he will falsify the next election as well. As the more neutral observers understood from the beginning, this is a battle between two non-democratic forces representing those in power and those formerly in power. That is, corrupt leaders such as Serge Sargsyan and Levon Ter-Petrossian.

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    Shakeh - 27.02.2008

    1- Don’t forget the fraud elections when ‘Levin’ Ter Petrossian was the president.
    2- Yes it sucks that they did ballot stuffing BUT if that was required to keep Levin away.. then thank you for doing it. We’ve brought the country this far, to hand everything back to that cunt once again is committing suicide. He’s done enough damage to last us a lifetime during his first presidential terms. So much that he had to resign. Lets not make that mistake again.
    Dashnak nominee – Vahan Hovannisian should have won darn it!!! 🙁

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    Observer - 27.02.2008

    I fully agree that “Dashnak nominee – Vahan Hovannisian should have won”
    However, I don’t think anything justifies fraud, treating the people like sheep, etc.

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