FOX news cuts Ossetian girl blaming Georgia's President for war

30 seconds – that’s how much time FOX news, the Bush propaganda machine is prepared to allocate to alternative views on Georgia-Russia war.
In this video posted on you tube, as soon as the girl and her aunt start saying that Georgia was responsible for the attack on their town, the Fox News presenter cuts her off with a bogus claim that they are about to go to commercial break, even though they just returned from one less than 2 minutes before. When they return, he gives them only 10 seconds to speak and then adds “Well, that’s certainly what Russia wants you to think” before cutting their mics.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. Here’s another piece showing censorship on CBS related to Georgia-Russia war:

  2. Observer, see my comment on Unzipped’s blog about this, no sense repeating it here. (Note to others: “cognitive dissonance” is mentioned!)
    Just wanted to say that as in all battles, your efforts sometimes may feel useless, but they are not. The most popular T-shirt in America right now simply says 01/21/2009. Well, the world can hope that day signals something, anyway…
    Meanwhile, for your work, I can only say: “Struggle, Struggle, to the End!” 😉

  3. somebody asked: who’s the real aggressor – Georgia or Russia?
    I think everybody… most especially the FOX News Anchor as he only hears the side of those he wanted to hear.
    hey, do i sound like “this is also what Russia wants me to think?”

  4. Ani,
    Hopefully 01/21/2009 will change something, but these kinds of things had happened before the Bush administration as well, most notably before NATO bombing of Serbia over Kosovo, in Clinton’s times. Back in in the Soviet days, these things were called ‘propaganda’, now they are called PR.

  5. This women didnt get cut off they even gave her time after her segment was over. they cant give her the whole show. There is no propogand in the united staes people if there was everything on television including movies currently in theathers would have been outlawed because they all make fun of bush and they all tell us how stupid americans are and how smat europeans are. they do this even when it has nothing to so with the plot of the movie.
    another point no one asked this woman who the aggressors were. why does she think she had too make that point with her daughter. looks to me like she is spreading the propoganda.
    Shakaslivvi is a fool for what he did but these russian that proclaim putin as a hero forget what he did to the chechens.
    Russia had no right to go into the georgian teritory there could protect ossetians in ossetia which was the agreement signed in the last treaty when they steped in to georgian territoy they were the aggressores. The United States cannot allow russia attack another country.

  6. Tigran, as much as I like to believe that there is no propaganda in the USA, I just don’t see where you got the idea. If you live in NYC, Boston, SF, LA, Chicago and etc then yeah you are probably far away from American reality. But go to more rural places and you will see people believing that Iraq had atomic bomb and was planning to drop it on Pearland, Texas and that is why America attacked Iraq. A lot of Americans are unfortunately brainwashed and just believe that America is trying to spread democracy all around while few evil powers are not letting them do that. Of course, most Russians are just as brainwashed. Most people living in big powerful countries are brainwashed. It is us, the small people, that can smell the rat every time there is one around.
    Russia had as much right to go to Georgia as the US had before going to Iraq. In general, Bush has been treating Russians very badly. Helping Georgians, trying to set up defense systems in Poland and claiming that it is against Iran not Russia and etc. It would be better for everyone if US backs off a bit. If you want nice democratic Russia then maybe putting missiles in Poland isn’t such a good idea after all, because these Russians will be asking a lot of uncomfortable questions that Bush or anyone else cannot answer without looking ridiculous.
    Also, it would be good if US stops attacking countries before taking the role of a protector.

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  8. Don’t buy yourself into this video so easy. First of all, they did say what they wanted to say. I’m a Russian speaking and do watch Russian news from Russia, and I’ll tell you, Russian media is not only censored, but also very aggressive toward western world and particularly America. In Russia the anti-American propaganda is being circulated since the last independed TV Chanel (NTV) was expropriated by the government. Russia today doesn’t have any freedom of speech, but to be just précised, they do let some different opinions to be said out loud, but only to some newspapers that are unpopular and/or don’t have much audience, and of course they cannot control the internet, though they don’t really have to control anything that will be said or written anymore, because people are scared and will censor their speech themselves, it’s not very safe saying the truth that is different from Kemlin’s truth. Secondly, Amanda and her Aunt are Ossetians, do you really expect them to not be on the Russian side that supports Ossetians’ separatism. And last, look at Amanda, I don’t see a person lived through a tragedy by looking at her face with hardly hiding a smile on her face, while telling the story, and listen her Aunt, she speaks just like Russian media does, but she haven’t been there at that time.

  9. I usually do not react to “small-item” posts, but after having read several comments I have to state something as a person who has been living in the US since 1995.
    And it is this: only an idiot can seriously watch Fox News. It is not simply a pro-government channel, it is just a crude propaganda channel. I am saying it after rather regular checking Fox News for a year or so (to form my own opinion). I stopped watching it several years ago. So, in principle, I cannot say something definite about its current shape since I am really not watching it, but from all I hear it has not changed its unprofessional and ludicrously biased coverage.

  10. Nobody said the Russian media was perfect or not censored. This post was not about the Russian media. I believe the point was that American broadcast media is fast becoming like the Russian media, and not only in this instance. Look at TV coverage in the period before and after the invasion of Iraq.

    1. Заметил такую тенденцию, что в блогах появилось много не адекватных комментариев, не могу понять, это что кто то спамит так? А зачем, чтоб падлу комуто сделать))) Имхо глупо:

  11. Grigor. The media in this country never reported that Iraq had nuclear weapons they did report that the US army was looking for CHEMICAL WEAPONS and this was the reason that the United States invaded Iraq. This was the belief at the time by the media, by the government of the United States and by almost every other government that could afford to have a belief including your precious putin’s. This is what the media reported at the time if someone in rural America understood that as nuclear weapon attack on Texas this is not because of the media it’s because people believe in whatever they want. There are a number of rural Americans who still think Elvis is alive is this because of the government controlled media too.
    I agree that Russian had the same right to invade Georgia as US did in invading Iraq but the point I was trying to make was that Russia was the aggressors as was the US when it invaded Iraq. True that Georgia did attack first but when Russia stepped into Georgia’s territory it was the aggressor.
    The belief that Russia will ever become a democracy is for the same people that believe that santa clause (or should I say father frost) visits us a Christmas. Putin is a petty dictator and Russia day by day moves away from a free society not closer. Did anybody ask themselves why bush called putin to discuss the conflict and not medvedevinko or whatever his name is? The reason is simply Russian society cant still to this day elect and official. This is too much freedom for them to handle. They are afraid to be independent because that means they are not Russian. Every time a choice is presented to any part of the former soviet union it is clearly always to be American. The Russian society does not trust themselves to choose because they will choose America. So even if the other guy is there they want putin to save them from their independence.
    It would be good if the US didn’t invade countries but only for tyrant like Putin, Chaves, Castro and Ahmadinejad not for anybody else. The United States always has to protect its interest against opposing powers that’s why it attacks them or surrounds them with missiles. I’m happy there are missiles in Poland I can’t wait till there are missiles in Ukraine and Georgia. Russia must be stopped or my wonderful Armenia might be attacked next because it wants to join nato or want to do something that Russia doesn’t like. Russia is a dirty player it betrays all of its friends and it betrayed the Armenians more than once in our history. That is why I will never value Russia and neither will Ukraine, Estonia, Georgia, Poland, Latvia, and many other countries.

  12. This report is about a 12 year old trapped in the cross fire of a government attacking a separatist group doing unquestionable acts on its sovereign soil… Fox questioning her on about the simple tragedy of being in a place on the other side of the world getting bombed not her adult family member view point they coached her to say before the interview…

  13. Tigran, don’t lie. How could you write such things? Are you Russian? Did you ask any Russian what they think?
    I think Russia is more democracy then US, cause “democracy” meaning “authority of people”. May be US is more “freedom” in any actions to Americans, but their brains totally controlled by the government. There are no different opinions in US. There are only FOX and CNN – large government “propaganda” machine (another example is a China Nobody could come to FOX or CNN and say that Bush is a bad guy, that Iraq and Afghanistan just victims of US and there are no terrorists and no biological weapons, there is OIL, which US wants so much. And that 9/11 is just a step to war, and that Osama sponsored by CIA. Is it a democracy? Its view like democracy – government doing anything they want – Americans support them, because they got all they need.
    Now what about Russia? Russian media is not perfect. But you can hear anything you want in Russian media. There is no censorship. Russian segment of Internet is the most uncontrolled. There is no censorship too. You can get more different versions, you can think yourself and choose “golden mean” for yourself. Nobody imposes opinion. When you watching TV you are getting the facts, no empty words, no bullshit. Yes, of course, some channels are pro- government, but it’s widely known fact and there also different versions shown. Pro- government just showing, additionally, official government opinion and nothing more.

  14. You are talking about dictator? There in no other people in Russia who could be a president. The only one opposition is a pro-US, which paid by US. Any other opposition and Russian people choosing current way of country development, because this is the one way to get two-polar world, to get really independency and real democracy. And that’s real democracy when people choosing. Look at Ukraine. Orange Revolution paid by US. Georgian revolution paid by US. Do they have democracy? I don’t think. They got loyal to US government and nothing more. There are still a lot of corruption, censorship and poverty.

  15. When thousands of people of Georgia come to central square of Tbilisi at December 2007 to say that they against their president, is it a democracy and freedom? YES. When police has rigidly dispersed it inhabitants and the quantity of victims is estimated in hundreds, is it a democracy and freedom? NO. (

  16. When Georgia president has closed the only one independed TV-channel called “Imedi”, is it a democracy and freedom? NO. When Georgia president has blocked any other TV-channels except CNN, Voice of America and pro- government, is it a democracy and freedom? NO. When Georgia president has blocked a lot of Internet segments, is it a democracy and freedom? NO. When Georgia president told that Georgia never will start a war against S.Ossetia and citizens of S. Ossetia are citizens of Georgia and day later sends his army to Tskhinvali and destroys whole the city by mass-killing weapons (GRAD), is it democracy and freedom? NO.

  17. When CNN and Fox get fully silent about thousand killed people in Tskhinvali at first day of war, is it democracy and freedom? NO. When CNN and Fox a lot if time later, when Russian reacted on aggression, only shows that Russian is an aggressor, continuous performances with Georgia president and nothing about Tskhinvali, is it democracy and freedom?

  18. NO. When CNN and Fox shows photos and videos from Tskhinvali and saying that is G0ri city destroyed by Russians, is it democracy and freedom? NO. There is no democracy. There only avidity and personal benefit.
    The civilized and developed country US – would seem is ready to kill millions inhabitants of our planet for the sake of the oil, geopolitical position and other, is it democracy and freedom? NO.

  19. Mikheil Saakashvili lies in every interview. There are an Euro flag behind him, but Georgia not in EU. Saakashvili every interview told fully bullshit – that Russia has attacked its country, Russian tanks go to Tbilisi, Russia have destroyed city of G0ru. He lies every time. There are world agreements, the charter of the United Nations. Russia observes all similar agreements and the charter of the United Nations. Georgia and US spits on them. Is it democracy and freedom? NO.

  20. Saakashvilli eating his tie: .

  21. “But you can hear anything you want in Russian media. There is no censorship. ”
    I can’t decide if this is funny or sad.

  22. Artashes,
    I fully agree that Fox is a disgrace (with or without this incident) and it’s about as unprofessional as you could get. However, the fact is they still have pretty big audience and they do influence US public opinion with their propaganda.

  23. Me, i think it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad 🙂

  24. There is only a very small oppositional media in Russia, and it’s really only allowed to be there so that the Russians can say–look, here’s some opposition!
    Propaganda has been around since Herodotus (or maybe cave paintings). The difference is whether propaganda is the only choice in society, or whether you can “shop elsewhere” if you don’t like it. Fox is a discredited news source, and its audience has started shrinking with Bush’s decline in popularity.
    Regarding this interview, a real journalist would have engaged the girl and her aunt, told them that he respected their views but wanted to hear the actual facts of what she saw–and if the aunt wasn’t in Ossetia, she shouldn’t have been given airtime. Instead, Shep Smith got totally flummoxed, so totally that he had to take a “time-out” and regroup. Fox simply liked the “12-year-old girl” angle and didn’t investigate the story ahead of time.

  25. Yeah, Tigran is out of this world. My point of atomic bomb was a sarcastic joke to make the situation clear. I mean America is a country where you can hear things like “when Obama walked by the flag I felt he disrespected it” on CNN. Yesterday, McCain was speaking on CNN and claimed that Russia is attacking freedom and democracy loving people who are one of the first countries that become Christians. This is the language used by a presidential candidate. Sounds nothing less than a propaganda to me. The part about being one of the first Christians was overemphasized which then must raise many questions. Well, we are the first, what about us? Russians aren’t that far behind anyone. So how about them? But anyway that is the language he used. At any rate, the only way the world will become a better place is if US backs of a bit and deals with internal problems which are, at the moment, gigantic.
    Tigran, please don’t be naive. Armenia isn’t going to join NATO, and in our history the country that betrayed us least was in fact Russia. Of course, it would of been nice if you didn’t use the word betrayed in here because it is really not about betraying but if you like that terminology then also face the reality. Also, what is so good about joining NATO? It is an organization that exists to confront Russia. So what is so good about confronting Russia? Shouldn’t the innocent church going Americans love everyone including Russians?

  26. Hi Tigran. Me, Ani. I am Russian and I am living in Switzerland. I was in Russia near Moscow during the first part of this conflict till Aug 11. I can say following:
    – few pro-government channels always showed anti-Saakhasvili info: he started bombing the Tshinvali by multi-rocket low precise systems at night, more than 1000 people were killed, big part of them are Russian citizens. At morning Russia applied to EU/US to stop it. They respond some think like that they do not see any problem – just a small internal conflict. At the same day the channels reported that Georgians attacked and killed the russian peacekeepers. Russia started the invasion. For Gory it was said that there are few military bases there and they were destroyed.
    – few channels were comparing pro-russia channels and EU/US channels. The main point there was that EU/US channels hide that Georgia attacked Tshinvali and highlighted that Russia attacked Georgia.
    – very few information was provided about Georgian opinion – few his interviews for CNN with some comments: he reported that he ordered to start the attack just after a first tank crossed the Georgian border. I recognized it as a lie (imho) – just look at the map – Tshinvali is quite far from the border – why it was required to destroy the city?
    – all sources in Internet were available (BTW – it was reported that domain .ru was blocked in Georgia).
    What was sad that McCain or other US or EU leaders did not just call to Saakashvili and did not asked him to stop bombing of Tshinvali. I really believe that it could be enough to stop the conflict completely.

  27. I never said Armenia will join nato i said what if it wants to dont you agree that it should have the opprtunity to decide on its own. In any case im one of those crazy people that belive they should.
    Voldemar: if you think russia is a better democracy than the US than i have noting to talk to you about
    It true that fox news has a huge audience in fact its the biggest news audience in the nation and they do form public opinion b ut the goverment does not control them or any other new outlet.
    Why Russia has to be confronted! As i said Russia is a dirty player it has to be to compensate for its lack of forward thinking. Their bargaining chip is energy the US had no way of reaching Ukraine before the Russian began to threaten them with oil. When this happen Russians closest ally (Genetic Relative) began to look west and the US was more than happy to step in. Now I ask every Armenian if they can betray a country THAT CLOSE why would they not betray us? The answer is they will as soon as Armenia grows a spine they will threaten us. This is why I want Russia weak (not to weak) enough so Armenia will transition out of its grip easier.
    Those who still have these old soviet hope that Russia will emerge as a superpower are very mistaken The US will now pour military hardware in Georgia and Russia has to do the same America will start drilling and oil will plummet in price and since Russia only lives for today and still hasn’t developed any sort of industry in its country they will again face economic problems. If Russia is not carful they will again go back to 1991 standards. The world is all about long run Russia isn’t.
    But this did change things
    1) Obama can no longer be president. McCain has all of a sudden become Jesus.
    2) US will increase military spending which will increase jobs.
    3) And drilling in the last 6 months was made possible but now its absolute.
    If I was in putin’s place I would have attacked Georgia too but I would have made sure that I diversified my economy it’s just too easy for the US with only one sector working.
    Grigor remember whoever betray once will betray always. Russia is our friend when it’s convenient don’t pretend that it’s anything other than that.
    I think in the next 10 years a lot will change in the caucuses. I think Turkey and Armenia will realize that they need each other and develop some sort of agreement and a possible alliance turkey wants to play a role in the caucuses without Armenia its impossible they also want to develop the eastern part of turkey to prevent a Kurdish uprising. China will also want a role and it looks like Armenia is its closest ally in the caucuses.
    Your right i am out of this world. but you forgot to mention genius and funny. oh and also very modest

  28. Fox News Finds Its Rivals Closing In
    choice bit:
    “Meanwhile, Fox’s hosts have seemed to struggle on camera to find a new voice. Three times in less than three weeks in late spring, Fox acknowledged making inappropriate references to Mr. Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee. It said on June 12 that it should not have referred in an on-screen headline to Mr. Obama’s wife, Michelle, as his “baby mama.” Previously, a Fox anchor, E. D. Hill, apologized for likening a seemingly affectionate fist bump by the Obamas at a rally to “a terrorist fist jab,” and a Fox analyst, Liz Trotta, expressed contrition for making a joke about a possible assassination of Mr. Obama.”
    —That’s FoxNews in a “nut” shell.

  29. Tigran jan it is not about betraying. Russia for us is a strategic ally not a god. We need them if we want Karabach. The way I see it is that if we give up Russia then we give up Karabach. Now I am not suggesting that this is a bad thing. Maybe giving it up in some way is not bad for us at all, I don’t know. The economists and others have to say what the consequences will be. In general, giving up anything doesn’t feel right with me. Russians on the other hand need us as well. So it is really both ways at the moment, and unfortunately, we couldn’t maintain independence while having good relationship with Russia. But when you let a wolf in to your ranch then you cannot complain that it ate all your sheep.
    I don’t want Armenia in NATO. I don’t want NATO. I don’t understand why the world needs NATO, an organization whose target is one specific country. As long as there is NATO there will also be a hostile Russia and for right reasons. Why don’t NATO people let Russia join NATO? All the big countries in one organization with no specific enemy. That will be nice, no? Well, anyway.
    In general, the notion that Russia= slavery and West=freedom is somehow widely spread among many innocent minds. What the US has been doing in Georgia is a crime against humanity. You don’t put a psychopath in Georgia and at the same time tell your people that Georgians are freedom loving democrats and your psychopath is moving them towards democracy. People get wrong ideas. But this is something that has been practiced for many centuries and as Churchil said, winners write the history.

  30. ВАШИНГТОН, 16 авг – РИА Новости, Алексей Березин. Американский телеканал “Фокс” не ожидал услышать в своем эфире критики президента Грузии Михаила Саакашвили за его действия в Южной Осетии, сообщила РИА Новости Лора Тадеева-Коревиски – тетя Аманды Кокоевой, с которой она вместе была приглашена в студию “Фокс”, после того как стало известно, что Аманда вернулась из Цхинвали домой в Калифорнию.
    Грузия развязала 8 августа боевые действия в Южной Осетии и обстреляла столицу непризнанной республики город Цхинвали. Жертвами вооруженного конфликта, по данным МИД РФ, стали около 1,6 тысячи жителей. Россия для защиты жителей Южной Осетии, многие из которых являются российскими гражданами, ввела в регион в помощь расквартированным там миротворцам около 10 тысяч военнослужащих и сотни единиц военной техники. 12 августа Россия завершила операцию по принуждению Грузии к миру.
    Девочка находилась на каникулах у своих родственников в Цхинвали, когда начались массированые обстрелы города со стороны грузинских войск.
    “Это не первое мое интервью американской прессе, всего их было четыре. Раньше все интервью сначала записывали, а уже потом ставили в эфир. И шла тема, что бедная девочка Аманда убежала из Грузии от российских танков. Все, о чем говорилось, не показывали, и не было понятно, от кого она убегает. Поэтому я решила больше не давать интервью, а если и общаться с прессой, то только в прямом эфире. Видимо, “Фокс” так и подумал, что Аманда убегала из Грузии. Думаю, что они не ожидали. Я не думала, что мои слова вообще выйдут в эфир”, – сказала Лора Тадеева-Коревиски.
    Телеканал “Фокс” прервал рекламой выступление в прямом эфире Аманды и ее тети Лоры рекламной паузой. Аманду и Лору пригласили в студию в Сан-Франциско, сама же программа велась из Нью-Йорка.
    “Мы 28 минут сидели и ждали, когда нам дадут слово. У меня в ухе был наушник, по которому очень громко шел эфир “Фокса”: Джордж Буш, Кондолиза Райс и журналисты говорили о том, что русские танки обстреливают Грузию. Передо мной стоял монитор: показывали Гори, показывали разрушенные улицы Цхинвали, которые я узнавала. Пока все это шло, было очень громко и было трудно сосредоточиться. Когда я увидела, что нас выводят в эфир, то поняла, что есть только две минуты и много сказать мне не дадут”, – сказала Лора.
    Ведущий программы Шеперд Смит задал несколько вопросов: где была Аманда, что она делала и видела ли падающие на город снаряды. По всей видимости, режиссеры программы ожидали рассказ перепуганной девочки. “Перед интервью я сказала: “Амандочка, когда будешь говорить, то в середине вставь два слова о том, кто тебе помог и от кого ты бежала”, – сказала Лора РИА Новости.
    Аманда, четко ответив на поставленные вопросы ведущего, сделала заявление. “Перед тем как я скажу что-то еще, я просто хочу сказать, что я бежала от грузинских войск, которые бомбили город, это были не российские войска. Я хочу сказать спасибо российским войскам, которые пришли на помощь”, – сказала Аманда.
    Смит сразу перевел тему разговора на родственников девочки, спросил, что известно о них и, получив ответ, обратился к Лоре, которая также высказала точку зрения, которая не совпадает с мнением американского военно-политического руководства и лояльного ему телеканала “Фокс”.
    “Да, это было ужасно для всех нас, и я думаю, и хочу сказать об этом по телевидению, я хочу, чтобы вы знали, кого винить за этот конфликт. Это господин Саакашвили, который начал войну, господин Саакашвили – агрессор и который…”, – на этом слова Лоры прервались, и ведущий поблагодарил ее за сказанное. Но она продолжила: “И два дня мой народ, осетинский народ бомбили и убивали. И две тысячи человек погибли в один день”.
    После этого ведущий попросил прощения и объявил рекламную паузу буквально за минуту до конца эфира с гостями в студии, которые вернулись из зоны вооруженного конфликта.
    “Я по лицу корреспондента видела, что они слышат не то, что хотели слышать, и они прервали нас рекламой”, – сказала Лора.
    После рекламы Смит дал гостям 30 секунд, чтобы, по его словам, “закончить мысль”, и Лора продолжила: “Да, мой дом сгорел в Южной Осетии, и мы можем винить только одного человека…”. На этих словах ведущий сказал “спасибо”, но Лора говорила дальше. “…И грузинское правительство. Я не виню грузинский народ, я виню грузинское правительство, и он должен подать в отставку”, – сказала Лора Тадеева-Коревиски.
    Ведущий подхватывает мысль Лоры: “Конечно, это то, чего хотят русские. Если бы у меня было больше времени, вы бы его получили, но (осталось) всего пять секунд. Спасибо вам обеим. Маленькая девочка-герой из Сан-Франциско, непостижимо”, – завершил эфир Смит.
    Таким образом, фактически ведущий не дал полностью высказаться гостям студии. Официального комментария по этому поводу от телеканала РИА Новости пока получить не удалось: ответ на письменный запрос еще не пришел.
    Как сообщила в беседе с корреспондентом РИА Новости сотрудник телеканала из штаб-квартиры в Нью-Йорке, попросившая не называть ее имени, “никакой политической подоплеки в завершении программы не было”.
    “Я видела вчерашнее интервью, сразу после него началось следующее шоу и мы не могли дать больше времени гостям студии. Интервью с Амандой Кокоевой и ее тетей шло в конце программы и у ведущего Шеперда Смита просто не было времени, поэтому он и прервал гостей студии. Это вопрос времени, которое поджимало – должна была начинаться следующая программа”, – сказала собеседница агентства.
    Замруководителя кремлевской администрации Алексей Громов назвал “верхом бесстыдства” поведение ведущего американского телеканала “Фокс”.
    Аманде и некоторым из ее родственников удалось покинуть Цхинвали на следующий день после начала массированных обстрелов. Вот как описывает минувшие события сама Аманда в интервью местной калифорнийской газете Contra Costa Times: “Мы услышали взрывы около десяти вечера 7 августа. Люди начали разбегаться. От взрывов небо стало светлым”.
    Сейчас она в безопасности – вместе с мамой, братом и родственниками в пригороде Сан-Франциско городе Волнат Крик.
    Отец Аманды Эдуард Кокоев, после возвращения дочери домой, сам отправился в Цхинвали. “Он вылетел на самолете в Москву, добрался до Владикавказа и передал там родственникам деньги, а сейчас находится в Цхинвали”, – рассказала РИА Новости Лаура. По ее словам, связи с ним сейчас нет.
    “Там дом моего отца, дом моего деда. Моя земля. Мой народ в очень тяжелой ситуации. Более двух тысяч человек погибли. Нет еды, нет воды. Катастрофа”, – сказал Эдуард в интервью Contra Costa Times еще до отъезда из США.
    Ночь с 7 на 8 августа Аманда провела в подвале дома своего дяди в Цхинвали. На следующий день семье удалось покинуть разрушенный город. Выбиралась Аманда из города на машине со своими родственниками, однако в автомобиль попал осколок снаряда, и его пришлось бросить из-за неисправности. Оставшуюся часть пути до дома бабушки в Северной Осетии Аманда и ее родственники прошли пешком.
    Уже в субботу Аманда перелетела в Москву, а в воскресенье вылетела в США. Дома, на западном побережье США, ее встречали с плакатами. Выходцы из Осетии хотели, чтобы американцы знали их недовольство агрессией Грузии и благодарность России. У семьи Аманды в Осетии осталось много родственников.
    “Мы не спим, я очень волнуюсь за свою мать. Слышала, что видели ее в подвале школы”, – говорит мать Аманды – Назик Кулумбегова.
    Брат Аманды, 21-летний Алан Кокоев, сказал, что школа, в подвале которой последний раз видели 85-летнюю бабушку, разрушена. Семья Аманды старается поддерживать связь с родственниками, неустанно следит по спутниковому телевидению за развитием событий.
    Сейчас Аманда до конца еще не оправилась от шока: услышав в гараже в центре Волнат Крик громкий звук она очень испугалась, вспомнив обстрел Цхинвали. “Я плачу каждый день”, – говорит девочка.
    Она волнуется о своих родственниках и друзьях раннего детства, которые остались в Южной Осетии. “После этих обстрелов, я ничего не знаю о них”, – отметила Аманда. Она побывала в Южной Осетии первый раз за последние шесть лет

  31. I love how the Russian media is lapping this up. Wonder what would happen to the 12 year old little girl and her aunt and her relatives in S. Ossetia if she said live on Russian TV that Putin was to blame for the war. People need to get a grip.
    P.S. Fox News is the least professional news outlet the US has, but it’s still probably more respectable than all of Russian TV media put together.

  32. Me, that’s probably true. Also, the girl and her aunt would have been totally vetted so that no “mistakes” would have happened. However, I prefer not to have sliding scales or grade on a curve. I think there are societal standards that need to be met, and whenever they are not, at least for me it’s not acceptable. Otherwise, I would become like the OSCE election observers and say “well, that’s better than the last time”. Where does that attitude get us? It just preserves and condones mediocrity.
    If we individually and as groups of people started to expect high standards from the media, from elected officials, from the courts, from government appointees, from the opposition, from whoever else, and of course from ourselves, then the world could truly “move forward”.

  33. If its between nato or a new soviet union I vote nato
    Here is a joke you will love ani
    When barrake heard fox call his wife babymama he said “hell no! she aint my babymama She ma biatch. yaa niggar

  34. Ani, I’m in no way suggesting that Fox’s standards are acceptable and I’m certainly not defending or excusing its behavior. I just find any and all comparisons between Russia and the United States in the realm of freedom of media and speech downright silly.
    This little girl has a choice; she can voice her opinion online in a blog, she can write op-eds, she can talk to MSNBC, NBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, and million other outlets that will hear her opinion, and all this without the fear of persecution. She can for example join in with the voices of some Democratic aides on CNN and MSNBC in expressing her doubts about Saakashvilli and questioning his decisions. What people fail to grasp is that a 12 year old can be rudely cut off by a clown (AFTER saying her peace by the way) on ONE privately owned joke of a TV station but she cannot be silenced. In the United States, people don’t mysteriously die because they criticize George Bush. In fact they do it to his face all the time…

  35. Most interesting thing is that if he hadn’t cut her off, probably nobody would be talking about her now! I’m not sure she could really get an op-ed published, though 😉
    I just turned on the TV to see what “Russia Today” was reporting. An Ossetian woman was having a baby…”all Ossetians are in pain but hers was special”…it’s Fox through the looking-glass….

  36. Well perhaps not :D…But she still has a lot of outlets to have her voice through (including, ironically, FOX News), a luxury Russians simply don’t have. The next time Vesti has anyone say anything negative about Putvedev will be the first one.
    That’s just some idiotic stuff from Russia Today. My memory can be a bit hazy, but I somehow don’t remember Russian TV covering Chechnya’s despair, birth pains induced or otherwise.

  37. >>>Russian TV covering Chechnya’s despair, birth pains induced or otherwise.
    The same way Americans aren’t covering the problems in Iraq.
    Look, this debate over a freedom of speech and etc, especially the part who has it more is rather pointless. Russia has been around for what 20 years. Compare the US of 60s and 70s with that. You will find many similarities. The most embarrassing corruption scandal that I am aware of is Watergate scandal of Richard Nixon. Corruption and desire to control free expression exists everywhere in different forms. As time goes on people can afford to give up their control of freedom of expression. They learn how to counter balance it and develop different tactics which then lets them loosen it up. No normal human being would want to control media, and I think of Putin as a normal human being just like Bush or any other president. It is a matter of how much of it Putin can afford to give up. Just like Bush tortures but denies it the same way Putin controls the media but denies it. Its politics, it is dirty and you should fight against it. If your position is that Russia is inherently evil then you will never see a friendly Russia.
    The best thing is to stop comparing the US and Russia because they are the same. Instead if you are a true believer of human rights fight for things like freedom of speech on all fronts without taking sides. Otherwise, those debates are ridiculous and reminiscent of hypocrisy.

  38. Wow, the 30 second claim is just BS. First off, the 2 guests started speaking at the 45 second mark of the clip…..the video lasts 3:50. Hmmm, alot more than 30 seconds. Not only that….they were told to go there to give their opinion on what happened, not to go on and play the blame game, especially since the civilians HAVE NO CLUE who started what. Also, at the end….according to the original blogger, Smith says “thats what the Russians want you to think”. WRONG. LEarn English. He said “thats what the Russians want”, in reference to ousting the Georgian President. HE AGREED WITH HER. Wow, what typical bashing by Liberals.

  39. Looks like the freepers have found the Armenian Observer. Now we can look forward to banal ideas expressed by retired military pencil-pushers who’ve grown fat with tax-money, government health care, and jobs no amount of incompetence could get them fired from, and who, nevertheless, bitch about big government every chance they get. The most nauseating sight: Pot-bellied infants in cowboy boots who think a life lead as a welfare queen of the military makes them different from any other barely educated small-town nobody.
    Pension much?
    And don’t tell people to “LEarn [sic] English” because you can’t afford it: half of your sentences fragments, and your inordinate use of ellipses clearly shows that the correct placement of periods and commas is an impenetrable mystery for you, like the use of a toothbrush.
    Pension much? No, really. Pension much, Nick?

  40. wow the word freeper came up in an armenian blog I must say i am very proud of grest little culture
    but whats a fragment

  41. Armen, apparently the neo-con right-wingers stumbled across the Republican Party of Armenia’s website and found their true home (Valhalla, I think it’s called).
    Thanks for the new vocabulary word!

  42. Yeah – Armen. Thanx for the ‘freeper’. Didn’t even know the meaning of the word. I guess I do actually need to ‘LEarn English”, but I like Armen’s lessens much better then Nick’s 😉

    A right-winger who repeats or reprocesses with limited changes the current talking points or message (c.f., On-message), often making unreasonable vociferous personal attacks on all lefties as if required to justify their own New Troll point of view. The name comes from the self chosen nickname of the members of the right-wing political site Free Republic. While they consider themselves to be ethical trolls, many lefties disagree.

  43. Yeah, their hive is:
    They branch out anywhere where a fat pig behind a keyboard is needed. They’re the most nauseating, hypocritical species that man-kind has known.

  44. By the way, I’d advise not to link to them. To put it succinctly: They’re not good people.
    I have to ask Nick again though in his vocabulary, i.e. all caps:

  45. I think levonakans will be shocked:) They blame Sezhik for being prorussian:) Loooool:)
    Here is the interview ofyour Guru
    In Armenian
    ՀՀ առաջին Նախագահ Լեւոն Տեր‑Պետրոսյանը պատասխանում է ՚Ա1+ՙ-ի հարցերին
    Պարոն նախագահ, կարծես թե, ռուս-վրացական վերջին պատերազմը լրջորեն չգնահատվեց ո՜չ Հայաստանի իշխանությունների, ո՜չ էլ քաղաքական կուսակցությունների եւ նույնիսկ քաղաքագետների կողմից, մինչդեռ ակնհայտ է, որ այդ պատերազմն անուղղակիորեն շոշափում է նաեւ մեր երկրի կենսական շահերը£
    Չեմ կարող չհամաձայնել Ձեր դիտարկմանը, բայց կուզեի այդ առթիվ կատարել մեկ հստակեցում© պատերազմը վրաց-օսեթական էր, եւ միայն հետո էր, որ այն վերած­վեց ռուս-վրացականի£
    Այսինքն, Դուք ուզում եք ասել, որ նախահարձակը Վրաստանն էր, եւ Ռուսաստանը հարկադրաբա՞ր ներքաշվեց պատերազմի մեջ£
    Ես ոչինչ չեմ ուզում ասել, այլ ընդամենը արձանագրում եմ ակնհայտ փաս­տերը£ Ոչ ոք չի կարող վիճարկել, որ պատերազմը սանձազերծել էր Վրաստանը՝ նպա­տակ հետապնդելով զենքի ուժով վերացնել Հարավային Օսեթիայի հանրապետու­թյունը£ Ոչ ոք չի կարող վիճարկել նաեւ, որ Ռուսաստանն, իր վճռական միջամտու­թյամբ, հարավ-օսեթական ժողովրդին փրկեց ցեղասպանությունից£ Եթե ռուսական օգնությունն ուշանար թեկուզ վեց ժամով, այսօր Հարավային Օսեթիա գոյություն չէր ունենա£
    Շատերն, ընդունելով հանդերձ Ռուսաստանի միջամտության հիմնավորվա­ծությունը, միաժամանակ պնդում են, որ նրա պատասխանը համարժեք չէր£
    Պատմության մեջ ես չգիտեմ դեպք, երբ հզորների պատասխանը համարժեք է եղել իրենց դեմ կատարված որեւէ ոտնձգության£ Կարեւորն, ինչպես ասացի, այն է, որ Ռուսաստանը, անկախ նրա պատասխանի համարժեք լինելու կամ չլինելու պարագայից, կանխեց հարավ-օսեթական ժողովրդին սպառնացող ցեղասպանությունը£
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    Եթե, ինչպես Դուք նշեցիք, Վրաստանը հույսը դրել էր հանկարծակիության գործոնի վրա, ապա ինչո՞ւ նա չփորձեց, դեսանտ իջեցնելով, փակել Ռոքի թունելը եւ դրանով խափանել ռուսական ուժերի առաջխաղացումը£
    Վրաստանի մտադրությունը ոչ թե հարավ-օսեթական ժողովրդի բնաջնջումն էր, այլ նրա տեղահանումը, ինչն անհնար էր իրականացնել առանց այդ թունելը բաց պահելու£ Սահակաշվիլին չէր կարող չգիտակցել, որ բնաջնջումը չէր ներվի համաշխարհային հանրության կողմից, մինչդեռ տեղահանումը կարող էր այս կամ այն կերպ հանդուրժվել, ինչպես 1995 թվականին հանդուրժվեց Կրաինայի սերբերի պարագայում£
    Rest of interview

  46. Pigh, if you consider disagreeing with a politician one supports “shocking” then….eeeeh, um inch em asum:
    I know that you agree with YOUR “guru” (your word, not mine) all the time, no matter how into the depths of illogical thoughts and actions he springs, but believe it or not others aren’t the same. I think it’s more shocking to you than to “levonakans” because it doesn’t quite fit with the “mindless zombie” narrative.
    As for the actual substance of the itw; yes I disagree with a lot of what he says, but I can only wish that Serjhik could articulate such a nuanced position on the issue that he could than at least back up with. Do we actually know what Serjhik thinks of the conflict? The most frustrating part isn’t that Serjhik is pro-Russian; it’s that he is so unconditionally, no questions asked committed to them, and is afraid to so much as express an opinion so as to not upset his Russian masters. (At least he had the honesty to admit as much in that embarrassing itw to the Russian media where he said that we would recognize Kosovo’s independence were it not for the fear of offending Russia.)

  47. Serzh is correct in this instance, but if he is a whore for Russia in all instances, then he must be rejected, for the good of Armenia.
    It’s no mystery, Tigran. Try to have a backbone.

  48. ok il bite what do you mean try ro have a backbone ?

  49. I was talking to Tigran Kocharian, aka Pigh. Are you claiming his identity?

  50. I believe there’s a misunderstanding here. Tigran and Tigran Kocharyan (aka Pigh) are two completely different people.

  51. Спасибо вам за сайт, очень полезный ресурс, мне очень нравится

  52. Ты как обычно радуешь нас своими лучшими фразами спасибо, беру!

  53. Хорошо пишете. Надеюсь, когда-нибудь увижу нечто подобное и на своем блоге…

  54. ñîîáùåíèå óäàëåíî

  55. […] who's country? Yours. Amazing how like minds seem to get along in some cases huh? yeah we know: Ossetian girl on Fox News […]

  56. Прочитал, понравилось. Биг сенкс)

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