National Geographic portrayed Armenians as "respected artisans, scientists, and energetic merchants"

I came across this fascinating map (link to full-sized map) of the “People’s of the Soviet Union”, published by the National Geographic Magazine in February 1976, which offers a unique view into what the West thought of us, the Soviet’s at that time (and I wasn’t even born then).

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Protesters Throw Eggs at Russian Embassy in Yerevan

Russia has been shuffling Armenia and Azerbaijan as a pack of old cards for its interests. It took hundreds of lost lives until at least some people in Armenia started to understand this. Today this understanding took concrete shape and form as hundreds of people rallied in Yerevan against Russian sale of arms to Azerbaijan as well as Russia’s treacherous stance towards Armenia.

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Sarkissian Finally Explains His EU Association U-Turn by Playing Naive

Armenian President Serzh Sarkissian used the opportunity to make a speech during the plenary session of PACE to finally give some sort of an explanation about his decision to join the Russia-led Customs Union effectively blocking the way to the  Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement and the EU Association agreement that came with it.

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