Updated: Inga and Anush Arshakyans might represent Armenia at Eurovision 2009

Inga AnushInga and Anush Arshakyan sisters known for their singing which they claim is a mix of modern and traditional Armenian music, might represent Armenia at the 54th Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Moscow. The whole thing will be decided on an SMS voting that will be held after a live show on Armenia’s Public TV on February 14, to choose the song that will represent Armenia at Eurovision 2009.
Another candidate is Mher – a Russian-Armenian singer who represented Armenia on “New Wave 2008” music contest last year.
There were rumours that Arame might be one of the other choices, but the singer told MaxLiberty – he hasn’t even presented a bid.
Inga and Anoush Arshakyan’s remain one of the most serious contenders. “Sharm” media holding has taken over as their producer, and added a little bit of rock to the mix. However, the girls remain as irritating as ever.
Surely I’m not objective. I can’t stand Inga and Anoush whining and barking, pretending to be singing and kept postponing posting about this, although I knew about the song and rumours for some time now.
However, having received an invitation to join a Facebook group supporting the girls at Eurovision, I came to understand, that like it or not, they might be representing Armenia and I’d have to support them – despite this obviously poor choice. After all – Eurovision is strangely enough, a really big thing in Armenia, and there aren’t very many alternatives to them either.
Anyways, here’s the song that might represent Armenia at Eurovision – see for yourselves.

Artur Papyan

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  1. Artur, my understanding is that Armenia’s entry is not yet decided and this is simply one possible song which will be considered on 14 February. That’s when the choice will be made.
    Anyway, given the other potential entries, I think Armenia could do a lot worse than choosing Inga and Anush although I admit, my connection hasn’t allowed me to hear the song yet.

  2. Interestingly, a comment on the YouTube page points out that the song can’t be entered into Eurovision. It lasts nearly 4 minutes and the rules say songs HAVE to be 3 minutes. Of course, I suppose they could shorten it, but they probably should have read the rules first.

  3. oh my God. have people lost their minds? lord have mercy on Armenia, parochial, presumptuous, horrible in one word.

  4. […] they already have a Facebook group set up to support their bid. However, The Armenian Observer is not impressed. As I can’t stand these girls whining and barking, pretending to be singing, I kept postponing […]

  5. […] Sie haben auch bereits eine Gruppe auf Facebook ins Leben gerufen. The Armenian Observer beeindruckt das jedoch wenig. Weil ich das Geheule und Gebelle dieser Mädchen, die so tun, als würden sie singen, einfach […]

  6. Great singers, good luck for the armenian sisters.
    “Lo dilo lo dilo lo dilo yeman”

  7. Ինչխ ջղայն ես:)

  8. when you say to this singers they are barking means that you first do not understand anything about something called MUSIC. more than that, we do need your support in the Eurovision for this girls , nighter for armenia. it would be better if you supported turkey. personally , i do respect all kinds of music in the world, even the HIP HOP which i consider it a music who encourages seduction and porno in the minds of youngsters, never mind they can do whatever they want. I am sure even the american HIP HOP fans will not speak about this georgeus sounds in bad words like you .
    please , if you respect Armenia, and if you feel yourself armenian do not publish such articles any more because you will make other nations think about us as Idiots.

  9. I liked it, better than Sirusho’s mughams. At least it has some hard rock features in it.

  10. […] Möglicherweise werden die einheimischen Sängerinnen Inga und Anush das Land repräsentieren. Sie haben auch bereits eine Gruppe auf Facebook ins Leben gerufen. The Armenian Observer beeindruckt das jedoch wenig. […]

  11. Guys – accept my apoligies. Onnik is right – this whole thing isn’t decided yet, I didn’t do my research properly.

  12. Alex, I think Observer is entitled to his opinion as are we all. Incidentally, I voted in last year’s Eurovision and it was not for Sirusho given her shouting on stage. Besides, my understanding that the rules will be changed for this year’s Eurovision to prevent “political” voting and so they should.

    In response to some broadcasters’ continued complaints about politically charged, neighbourly and diaspora voting, the EBU evaluated the voting procedure used in the contest, with the possibility of a change in the voting system for 2009. […]

    Let the best act win and if Armenia’s entry is the one that most people and a jury like best we should feel better about ourselves that an Armenian entry won not because of a campaign to influence the vote simply because the act is Armenian, but because it deserved to win.
    Anyway, most of the entries in Eurovision are shit anyway. It’s hardly a competition taken seriously anywhere apart from the former Soviet republics and by bored middle aged housewives in the West. Regardless, let the best act win, and if that isn’t Armenia, I won’t be voting for whoever gets to represent the country.
    Then again, as I no longer have a television, I probably won’t even follow the competition when it airs.

  13. Oh, turns out your prediction about the act was correct, and yes, I suppose the online activity was an indication that someone had already decided the matter. The song, though, is different and is not meeting with the approval of even those who liked Gutan. Perhaps next year the OSCE and PACE can monitor voting for the national song competition…

  14. Uzogh has posted the results of Eurovision SMS/Jury voting. Very interesting to look at – first time ever the Eurovision decision making process is posted as transparently as this. Thanx Uzogh.

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