Armenian rock band ready to sing in Baku

No official announcement has yet been made, but the online social networking sites are filled with the video of the Armenian rock band, The Dorians, for its new song “This Is Our World”. This group is described by many as a plausible pick to represent Armenia in the Azerbaijani capital.

Aznavour, French music stars record a soundtrack to aid Haiti

World famous French-Armenian singer Charles Aznavour and two dozens of other famous French singers have just finished recording a beautiful song: “Un Geste Pour Haiti Cherie”. It is a song-appeal to encourage people to make donations on behalf of the Caribbean island hit by a disasterous earthquake last week. Continue reading “Aznavour, French music stars record a soundtrack to aid Haiti”

Inga&Anush Arshakyan’s “Jan-Jan” sounds like Tofiq Quliyev’s “Nakhchivani”, so what?

This video from the YouTube claims that Armenia’s entry into “Eurovision 2009” music contest was actually a rip-off from Azerbaijani musician Tofiq Quliyev’s “Naxcivani” song. Thanks to Hetq blog’s Sard for the link. There are, actually, some similarities between the two songs, which is probably the case with most folk-music in the Caucasus.

Continue reading “Inga&Anush Arshakyan’s “Jan-Jan” sounds like Tofiq Quliyev’s “Nakhchivani”, so what?”

Updated: Inga and Anush Arshakyans might represent Armenia at Eurovision 2009

Inga AnushInga and Anush Arshakyan sisters known for their singing which they claim is a mix of modern and traditional Armenian music, might represent Armenia at the 54th Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Moscow. The whole thing will be decided on an SMS voting that will be held after a live show on Armenia’s Public TV on February 14, to choose the song that will represent Armenia at Eurovision 2009.
Another candidate is Mher – a Russian-Armenian singer who represented Armenia on “New Wave 2008” music contest last year. Continue reading “Updated: Inga and Anush Arshakyans might represent Armenia at Eurovision 2009”

Plans to boycott Sirusho at Eurovision

Boycott blog – set up a couple of weeks ago to promote the concept of civil-boycott of various things – boycottable, in sign of protest of the 2008 Presidential election results and the reaction of authorities that followed opposition protests, has now come up with a discussion, whether it is acceptable to boycott the Eurovision song contest and Armenian representative – Sirusho. While I see some logic in that – I just watched the “Qele, qele” song – Armenian Eurovision entry, and felt, that it would be unjust towards the artist – Sirusho, who is basically still just a kid, especially as the song sounds like a winning one to me. Moreover, considering the fact, that this year is Azerbaijan’s first entry into the Eurovision contest, I have that little twitch of pride inside me, telling we have to do everything to make sure the Armenian artist wins. On the other hand, it is not just about Sirusho – it is the Armenian Public TV – that is taking part in the contest – and if this boycott could serve to teach a lesson of public mistrust towards the Public TV – for all the disgraceful media coverage of the election process over the past several months, maybe it is a justified more? I really don’t know. What do you think?
Here’s a Podcast of the Armenian Blog roundup made about this topic.

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