Armenian Aryans Celebrate Pagan New Year

Armenian Aryan’s celebrated the Aryan New Year and the Rebirth of Pagan god of Armenian Power and War – Vahagn at Garni pagan temple.
An interesting observation I noted in this video material, Armen Avetisyan, scandalously famous leader of Armenian Aryans comments: “An Armenian may go to Garni temple, prey for his/her [pagan] Gods, and then go to church, lights a candle.”
I find that a little controversial, since Christianity strongly denounces pagan gods, although if you ask me – Vahagn and Astghik are certainly more appealing than Jesus.
On another note, I wonder if the recent legislative initiative which bans sects, applies to the Armenian pagans?

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. I have no problem with pagans. I do not like the ideology of the people within the Armenian Aryans group headed by that guy Avetisian as a lot of what they say qualifies as hate speech.
    But as long as it’s only speech then I don’t really have a problem with them. They should have freedom of speech just like everyone else.

  2. BTW, is this a propaganda documentary? At first it looks like a news report but the content is like a propaganda flick.

    1. I wondered about that too. If it’s a news report – it certainly is rather unbalanced.

  3. Somewhere in Hollywood, a wardrobe is missing Superman’s cape.

  4. Observer,
    “I find that a little controversial, since Christianity strongly denounces pagan gods, although if you ask me – Vahagn and Astghik are certainly more appealing than Jesus.”
    Neither Vahagn nor Astghik can give you eternal life!

    1. And neither can Jesus.

  5. I don’t think I could stand to live eternal life. Sometimes I find it hard to wake up in the morning and continue living at all. Why would anyone want to live this pointless life endlessly?

    1. Well, there are two kinds of eternal lives, aren’t there? It would suck to have an eternal life on a skewer getting grilled in Hell. But give me eternal life in Heaven and I’ll take it.

      1. Depends on who else is there for company…
        I’ve been wondering: What is the difference between the Internet and Heaven? Not a riddle, but a thought-experiment.

  6. I think we have to get rid of this foreign “Abrahamic” religion with a bloody symbol “Cross” imposed upon us by some Grigor “Lusavorich” and return to our ARMENIAN GODS-with reason and understanding of human nature:with ALL its diversities.

  7. I’m with you Vahka. even though I dont live in Armenia I stand by your gods and honor them as my own. Vahagn unite us!!

  8. Here is a ceremony for Ar. Enjoy
    The Armenian Consecration unto Ar
    (Face East, with sword and shield on Altar. A red robe of scarlet silk should be worn with an embroidered emblem of the Sun in the center of the breast.)
    Praise be Ar, the mighty and terrible who dwelleth in the Mansions of Light, ever majestic and clothed with Sun-Fire.
    Behold, I am Thy son Tork Angegh in His secret Name who Sits majestic upon thy Throne.
    My wife is Nar who poureth forth the waters of Her skylight to consecrate the stranger who cometh forth as a Messenger of the Gods.
    Hear me, and make all spirits obedient unto me for I cometh forth as a member of the company of the Gods whose dwelling place is the House of Ber.
    Thee, thee I invoke O Ar who rideth upon the beast lion of royalty to manifest upon the earth who shall judge and prepare to be judged.
    I invoke Thee, I am thy priest and son. Let my soul blaze forth like a living Sun of spiritual fire that I may transform this Light into the magick that shall heal or destroy, as I will.
    I invoke Thee, Ar, the mighty and majestic. I am the Sun Lord of the Priests of Armenia who goeth forth with courage as my armour and success as my proof.
    Thee, thee I invoke the God who has seen favour in my Family. You have enlightened us with quick and steadfast will.
    Hail to Ar, the all powerful who is strong and good. Protect my Family from harm from the heathen and give me power to goeth forth with the Sword of Vengeance.
    Hail to Ar, you have given Thy secret number and the number of my Priestess. I invoke Thee Ar, you have shown me the face of my ancestors and have given wisdom to stamp down the wretched and the weak.
    Hail to Thee Ar, I knoweth the Name of Thy Twin and I knoweth Thy secret Name, therefore come forth and awaken within me as a blazing Sun that I may raise the sword of my breeding and consecrate the Seal that nameth the force of my Nation.
    (Here the King consecrates the Shield, and raises sword. The Priest-King is now the God speaking.)
    Behold, I am He who cometh forth from the core of the Sun to do battle with the dark ones who have kissed the feet of Sin.
    Behold, I am He who comet forth from the Sun-Fire of creations ravishing the world with lashes of my war scream.
    I am He who hath thrust forth my spear into the bowels of the (here name your enemies), accursed be there creeds. Hear me, I push them and confuse them with my blinding light.
    I have come forth to blind the enemy with my Light and to create a Fortress that shall shine upon my Sacred House. Therefore I am the Twin God of Light whose beareth the flaming sword and the Shield that cannot be pierced.
    Behold, the Light is within Me. I go forth upon my course as a Flaming Star.

  9. I don’t know how anyone can be so stupid as to want to be a pagan. It’s nothing more than a glorified version of self worship, centered on sex/procreation, and is rife with superstition as its foundation. “Ar” (or more appropriately, the demon/s representing the mythical “god” by that name) can burn in hell with Satan and their followers.
    All those “Armenian Pagans” are a bunch of stupid, ignorant, racist bigots. They call themselves “Aryan” but of course any Scandinavian or Germanic “Aryan” would skewer and grill them like luleh kebab if given the chance. Where is their blonde hair and blue eyes??? Some “Aryans”. Of course, to us normal, decent, non-racist Armenians we couldn’t care less if someone has blue or brown eyes; but to these “Aryans”, they violate their own rules, although I’m sure they’ve changed their rules about being “Aryans” to make themselves ‘OK’.
    All these people want to do is kill Jews. Screw them, they’re stupid. I’m no big fan of the Jews, but I don’t want to kill them or mistreat them. Of course, as Christians we don’t wish to harm anyone, but stupid pagans have no morality, they are like animals. They are worse than the bigoted Jews that they themselves hate.

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