Senior Republican sorry "for not having a nickname"

Galust SahakyanLeader of the Republican faction in the Armenian parliament Galust Sahakyan said today he’s sorry for not having a nickname in defence to his party’s candidate for Yerevan mayor Gagik Beglaryan, known as Black (‘Chorni’) Gago.
“I am sorry for not having a nickname,”  A1plus quotes Galust Sahakyan saying. The senior republican tried to explain, saying all prominent figures have had nicknames to be remembered in history.
Unlike what the leader of Republican faction claims, the nicknames in the Armenian reality are more often a sign of having criminal connections, rather than that of prominence.
Some widely known oligarchs, who have become rich making use of their suspicious connections, corrupt business practicies and bullying competitors are the Speaker of Parliament Hovik Abrahamyan, leader of “Prosperous Armenia” party Gagik Tsarukyan, MP Khachatur Suqiasyan, MP Samvel Alexanyan, MP Hakob Hakobyan and others. 
Ironically, the Armenian parliament drags nicknamed characters like a magnet, who seek the MP’s status in an attempt to gain a false sense of security.

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Artur Papyan

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  1. Gosh, how sad! So are you running a nickname contest for him? I’m sure many people can think of things to call him…

    1. My immediate reaction was Galust Pasha or Haji Galust :))) But i’m not a big fan of nickname contests, especially since Kornelij is already running one:

    2. Also… had started gathering suggestions for a nickname about 10 days ago Now the suggestions have closed because the process has moved into the 2nd phase: the Poll. 10 nicknames picked by the editor are now up for voting on
      So, it looks like the netizens are gonna give Galust Sahakyan a nickname very soon

  2. Here you can find efforts of LJ community : Let`s help Galust, find a free username! 🙂

  3. Good to hear, guys! For the record, my submission was Imam Galust.
    Shi’a believe that these Imams are chosen by God to be perfect examples for the faithful and to lead all humanity in all aspects of life. They also believe that all the Imams chosen are free from committing any sin and have a status directly parallel to those of a prophet, infallibility which is called ismah. These leaders must be followed since they are appointed by God.
    It’s a perfect description of this sage leader, I think 🙂

  4. No anymore Observer. His wish is granted.
    He has a direct-democratically elected nickname from now on. It is Naftalin Galstruk Kisachi (can be divided and used separately as well).
    A certificate has been created which has been e-mailed to him.
    More about the process is found at:
    the certificate can be downloaded from:

  5. Nicknaes… Well, I was born and formed my personality in Armenia and for me also the nicknnames are something connected with criminal activity, low intelectual level etc. What can we expect from the people with nicknames? Only what we see now in Armenia! Perhaps this “reveling” their real beings via the nicknames is the only act of honesty!

  6. When they say that the USSR falled down, they DO mean it!

  7. It had to fall down to come to the level of capitalist countries (any cap. country!): with extreme poverty, extreme luxuory, extreme ignorace and brutality, luck of any shadow of moralty!

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