Authorities considering change in Yerevan municipal election tactics

a-11635-b“Zhamanak” claims it has information about a meeting of ruling coalition forces led by president Serzh Sargsyan to consider the possibility of changing their candidate – Gagik Belaryan in Yerevan’s upcoming municipal elections following the nomination of Levon Ter-Petrosian as the frontrunner of opposition Armenian National Congress list.
Among possible alternative candidates the newspaper names former president Robert Kocharyan, ex-premier Andranik Margaryan’s son Taron Margaryan, currently district mayor of Avan community, Harutyun Qushkyan, Minister of Healthcare and the frontrunner of “Prosperous Armenia” party list to municipal elections.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. Right, as if Kocharian’s return is going to ease anything in Armenia… 🙁
    Hopefully, this is just speculation by opposition newspapers to scare people.
    For sure, Beglarian is not a suitable or welcomed candidate for Mayor.
    But, I’m sorry, Kocharian with the power to almost rival the presidency…
    Yes, it is somewhat scary…

  2. If Kocharyan runs – that would totally be my definition of “national catastrophy”.
    However, I’m more than convinced, that Serzh wouldn’t like a Kocharyan return especially when facing LTP. That would hurt Serzh more, than if LTP becomes mayor.

  3. Hertakan sut zombomedianeri koxmic.
    Kocharyanin 100 tari petq chi da.
    Amboxj dezan taracvum a, vor Zharangutyane miacnen HAK-in,namanavand hashvi arnelov inchqan shat en sirum Kocharyanin zharangakannere:)

    1. Tigran jan – that’s exactly why I wrote: ““Zhamanak” claims” – because I don’t believe it.

    2. Tesnenq banditomedianer@ kherqen sa te voch.

    3. Իսկ ի՞նչ ա պետք Քոչարյանին։

      1. Քոչարյանը միշտ Տեր-Պետրոսյանից ահավոր կոմպլեքսավորված է եղել. սա իհարկե ենթադրություն է, որ անում եմ, ելնելով Քոչարյանի պահվածքից։
        Քոչարյանին պետք է Տեր-Պետրոսյանին ապացուցել, որ «միակ տղամարդը» ինքն է։

  4. Speaking to RFE/RL journalists representatives of all 4 coalition political parties today rejected the claims made by “Zhamanak”, saying these are “false” and “groundless”.

    1. So, looks like Zhamanak is right.

      1. Nazarian
        Do you understand what you wrote now?:)))
        If they accept your answer would be-“So looks like Zhamanak is wrong”?:)

        1. Pigh, sometimes the more rigorous the denials, the more truth there is in the original claim.
          It sounds cynical but the majority of the times it is exactly what happens in politics. For example, the PM claiming that Armenia was strong enough to avoid the effects of the global economic slowdown. Within a couple of months it becomes obvious that he was BS-ing.
          The key is to take what politicians
          (of any color but especially the ones
          in the government) say with a grain of
          salt. Look at what they do, not what
          they say.

  5. Thank god, it’s an attempt to spread panic, perhaps, and although my gut reaction was that the report was written with that intention, just even the remote thought that it might be true was enough to be of concern.
    Besides, if Kocharian were to be put forward as a candidate, forget clashes such as those on 1 March last year. What would happen would be the end of everything. I dare not even comprehend what might happen, in fact.
    Still, the authorities should consider putting in a more amiable candidate, but they need someone they can control and who is 100 percent loyal in the position. Even then, the possibility for that person to get too ambitious always remains.
    Personally, there HAS to be representative city council even if that means no candidate has enough seats to become mayor. Then, if the council is balanced, it will decide. However, many suspect the opposite, but let’s see.

  6. The return of Kocharian will become a national catastropy,if he come back the citizen war will be guaranteed.WE hate serjik but kocharian is the worst enimy Armenians have ever had.
    I dont think Serj will support kocharian to take the post of the mayor of Yerevan.If Kocharian take part in in the ellections this ellections will informally become presidential ellections haveing a quin of Britain in the post of president like serj.If Levon take the post serj will have nothing to do then to leave presidency,if kocharyan take the post serj will have nothing than to become the slave of kocharian.
    Kocharian is not a political figure he is terrorist,he never acts like a political figure he always acts like terrorist since he was in Karabakh he killed the first president of Karabakh Artur Mkrtchyan from Dashnak party,when he came to Armenia he began a series of terrors`Khorkhoruni and others ,when he usurpated the power in 1998 he immedietly become a ignored dictator and thats why he orgnised the october 27th teror with the most active support of serjik,he started his dictatorship as terrorist and finished it as terrorist killing the demonstrants on 1st march.This person will answer for everything he has done against the Republic of Armenia and the nation of Armenia!And only person who can punish this terrorist is the nation of Armenia by the help of the president Ter-Petrosian

  7. ABC
    Artur Mkrtchyan was killed by AOD people, don’t spread stupid bulshit here!!!

  8. Saying AOD people dont you mean kocharian and serjik Pigh? Both kocharian and serjik till 1998 were members of Armenian National Movement (AOD,HHSH,ANM) party.So if you mean the party of your beloved kocharian you are right !

  9. ABC
    Pastoren Levone u Vanon kap chunen HHSH-i het.Kam hasarak andamner ein.
    Urax ei imanal.
    Tupoj aprum es,tupoj el kmernes ABC.

    1. Pigh, OT–Just saw your new avatar! Does this mean you are changing your name to Dumbo?? :)))

      1. Ani jan
        I am not Dumbo,Hambo or someone else.
        It takes time for me to fly:)

        1. Babar-jan, you used to do it like this:
          As a flying horse, I am concerned about my airspace being invaded by an elephant stampede. Let me know if you’re planning one… 🙂

  10. Pigh: Naxagah Ter-Petrosyann u im koxmic hargvac naxarar Siradexyan@ teev HHSH xekavarner en exel da chi nshanakum vor nranq patasxanatu en hhshakan robiki u serjiki hancagorcutyunneri hamar!
    Ete qo nman mtacenq uremn ete Nairi Hunanyan@ u ira tim@ dashnakner ein uremn Hrant Margaryann u Vahan Hovhannisyann en hoktemberi 27i teroristakan akti hamar vor@ kazmakerpec mardaspan r.q-n?
    Ete ha uremn du shat shat aveli himar es qan tvum er!

    1. You are so controversial with yourself so it would be better and very helpful for you to join Shant Harutyunyan.

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