Inga&Anush Arshakyan’s “Jan-Jan” sounds like Tofiq Quliyev’s “Nakhchivani”, so what?


This video from the YouTube claims that Armenia’s entry into “Eurovision 2009” music contest was actually a rip-off from Azerbaijani musician Tofiq Quliyev’s “Naxcivani” song. Thanks to Hetq blog’s Sard for the link. There are, actually, some similarities between the two songs, which is probably the case with most folk-music in the Caucasus.

The “Eurovision” story in Azerbaijan just won’t die down, and won’t give Azerbaijanis a rest. The scandal started two weeks ago with the interrogation of Azerbaijani music fan who voted for Armenia’s entry in “Eurovision” now has taken a new turn. Azerbaijani authorities are accusing the international media, particularly RFE/RL for using ‘double standards’ towards Azerbaijan. (RFE/RL’s Azerbaijani service broke the story about interrogation of Rovshan Nasirli, video below).

Youth and Sports Minister Azad Rahimov said on August 24 that some media organizations are trying to politicize the Azerbaijani government’s questioning of Azerbaijani citizens who voted for the Armenian entry as their favorite song in May’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Currently a semi-official campaign of blackmailing RFE/RL’s Azerbaijani service is underway, European Broadcasters’ Union has launched an inquiry into questioning of Eurovision fans in Azerbaijan with a view to sanctions punishments, major Western media like the Financial Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph have covered the story.

And all of this for what? A music contest? Is it really worth taking “Eurovision” so seriously?

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. Հարցը երաժշտությունը չի, հարցն էնա, որ Ադրբեջանը տենց էլ չի հասկանում, որ Հայաստանին վատաբանելով երբեք եվրոպայի աչքը ՉԻ ՄՏՆԻ: հիմար քաղաքականություն են ընտրել…

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  3. Very old story Arthur jan
    If I am not mistaken 3 month ago azeris tried to make big noise and finished with nothing.

  4. Yes, you’re right Tigran, it was being discussed back in May–silly, as usual. And if you can’t vote for a Eurovision entry because you like it, then what’s the point?
    Anyway, I heartily recommend this video, about whose song is whose–about the Balkans, but there’s an important lesson for the Caucasus here as well:

  5. Erekva footballi jamanak mer hay fanatner@ cec en kerel Ruben Hayrapetyani hramanov. Cecic heto el tghaner@ sksel en goral: “Nemec heracir”

  6. Pushkin said: “Ты – трус, ты – раб, ты – армянин”… make your own conclusions ladies and gentleman

  7. Пушкин хоть что-то про армян сказал,а про вас чушек молчал,ибо не было такого неизвестного науке зверя как азербайджанцы:)

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