Ex-President Robert Kocharian speaks of return to politics

For the first time since leaving his presidential post in April 2008 and departing from the political scene, Armenia’s former President Robert Kocharian has indicated readiness to return to “big politics.”
“I don’t rule out the possibility of my return to big politics,” Robert Kocharian said in an interview to Mediamax news agency
Ever since he left the presidential post, Kocharian’s possible return has remained a hot topic in various political speculations. The fact that Russia’s former spresident Vladimir Putin announced last week about his intention to run for President in 2012 has further intensified discussions on possiblity of a repeat of Russian scenario in Armenia.
Meanwhile, Kocharian has stopped short of making a definite statement about hir return, noting, that there are three major factors which “may force” him to return.
“These three factors are:1. the absence of a tangible and stable improvement of the situation in country’s economy and people’s welfare, and consequently the growth of hopeless moods and migration; 2. the demand for my return to big politics by various layers of the society; 3. my inner belief that I can radically improve the situation,” Former President has explained.
Kocharian also hasn’t explained what he means by return to “active” and “big” politics. It could be anything from running for President to forming his own opposition party or taking a prime-ministerial seat, something that has always been a matter of political speculation.
Meanwhile, at least one “layer of society” has been calling for Kocharian’s return for a while. A Kocharian fan-club has set up a website and has slowly started to campaign for his reelection.
It is clear, that Kocharian’s statement won’t be taken lightly by his bitter political foe, First President Levon Ter-Petrossian.
And even though there have been rumors, that President Serzh Sargsyan and Robert Kocharian have been having some disagreements lately, Sargsian’s reaction is hard to predict. In fact, it will be the most interesting thing to watch for, because Kocharian’s statement might even be a political ploy organized jointly by former allies Kocharian and Sargsian.


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