Armenia 1:2 Ireland

Armenian keeper Roman Berezovski during the decisive Armenia vs Ireland match during Euro-2012
When Armenia started losing during yesterday’s game, I was totally heartbroken at first. But than I looked and saw, that in reality, we’re not losing. The score is nothing – our team was playing so good, that I don’t care about the score anymore. Armenia finally has a great football team for the whole world to see and for us – fans, to enjoy. That was a great game, guys! Go Armenia, you’re super!!/ditord/status/123846194064670720
PS: Following the game referee Eduardo Gonzalez has become the most wanted man in Armenia. There’s even an online game dedicated especially to him.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. Great game , i am proud and so is armenians around the world . Let keep our fingers crossed for world cup !!!! HAYASTAN

  2. I would love to drag that ass***** gonzales monzales from spain or wherever the hell he’s from by his BIG SPANISH MANISH BALLS into our central haraparak and HANG HIM from the walls. he has big balls to do what he did to us?? ok ara your balls must be big enough that I can drag you from your house to my Yerevan and hang your hotac mexi ass, ay HAKA-HAY ANASUN, ara yes berran’d…ha!!!!!!

  3. hanun mer futobolist txerq…

  4. Yes! Well said, Artur jan. And you know what else? I loved the positive feedback I was reading on my Twitter feeder from fellow Armenia residents — we were all so proud of our team despite losing in the numbers game. And as @kornelij pointed out, Armenia actually scored 2 out of the 3 goals (though, unfortunately, in our own net!), so you could say we won in the numbers game too 🙂 All I have to say is two words (my favourite Twitter hashtag during this match): #justproud

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