I’m getting old or tired or both…
It is becoming increasingly harder for me to keep up with the crazy tempo of work (I’m dedicating full 24/7 to azatutyun.am), allocating time to the family, friends and keep blogging daily.
This blog has been a place for me to spend some free time and experiment with my writing and amaturish ideas about politics.
It has never been an obligation. But as the number of blog’s visitors continues to increase (getting 2-3000 visitors per day on average last month), I somehow feel guilty for not posting something fresh every day. And that guilt kills me.
So I decided to say sorry today and promise to start blogging every day again starting from Monday.

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    Pat - 31.10.2011

    Relax just post Maybe ones a week 🙂 I keep supporting you

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    ARyan-Kavkas HAYaser - 31.10.2011

    aper, you are great. I love your blogging and it gives me a stage to express my love & admiration for our Hayastan/Hayutyan and my utter and open disgust for gor-gors
    you must to do what you want & need
    if you feel you need to blog every day, then do it
    but if you dont want to, then do it at your pace…che?
    I support you from day 1 I’ve been reading, even though you know how I feel about you censoring some of my comments here & there. however you are my Hay axper and just that alone I support you wholeheartedly and would defend you with my life (as any real true HAYaser would)
    Pats correct, maybe once a week or twice
    doesn’t need to be every day or 2-3x/day
    Your family, friends, and work are more important than some blog mog. give your attention and efforts to what you feel is most important
    thats my 2 shitty cents in jar 🙂

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    Dayan - 31.10.2011

    Do what you need to do in order to keep up the high standard you have set and have us depending on you for.

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    Ani Wandaryan - 31.10.2011

    Write when you feel the urge and the need, not out of obligation. And pace yourself–with the elections, next year promises to be a hectic one! 😉

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