Yerevan's Mayor Promoted to Job in Moscow

Armenia -- Yerevan's Mayor Karen Karapetyan, Yerevan
Yerevan's Former Mayor Karen Karapetyan

Yerevan’s mayor Karen Karapetyan resigned last week offering an explanation to his fans (and he did have a lot of fans in fact) on Facebook, which basically read like – he got a better job offer in Moscow.
“I took the decision with great difficulty and am stating with all responsibility that there is no subtext of political or intra-governmental disagreements as is claimed by some,” said Karapetian even as everybody continues to speculate, that his resignation was very much a political one.
But that is not what I’d like to talk about, really. Deputy mayor Taron Margarian will very likely be a better mayor, even if girls won’t find him as “cute” as they do Karapetyan.
The problem is, as very well described by a fellow-blogger Mika Zolyan, that this is increasingly looking like a return to the USSR, when every government official in Yerevan was dreaming of a promotion to go to work in Moscow.
I mean – what kind of an excuse is that – leaving mayor’s position for a better job in Russia? Even if it is not the real reason, the mayor himself and the Armenian authorities should feel ashamed of it. But are we hearing any voices of condemnation? Nope. Everyone says they understand and respect Karen Karapetian’s decision.
What exactly do they understand? Not feeling ownership for the city, taking responsibility for Armenia’s crown-jewel Yerevan? Saying that he’s out for a big-shot job in Moscow – the center of the empire which it has been for ages? Leaving the province for the megapolis?
No, I’m not understanding this. I’m more proud than that.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. —>even if girls won’t find him as “cute” as they do Karapetyan.
    since when do girls in Hayastan find politicians to be “cute”…yakh !!!
    they are old married men with children with evil heart and satanic mind
    and they find that “cute”? or is it more like they are attracted to money & power, regardless of age ha
    —>what kind of an excuse is that – leaving mayor’s position for a better job in Russia?
    you expected different from a member of the RUSKIE MAFIYA
    he is being recalled back to his mafiya masters PUTIN & MEDVEDEV
    Believe me, if every one of the members of the evil satanic anti-ARmenite maifya was recalled back their master “emperors”, they would all go a running…..MONEY MONEY & MORE MONEY…
    if someone offered me $100-200k/yr (I dont know how much karapet is getting, just throwing out a nice round number for myself) I would go running too….but you could never get a HAYaser to sell out his motherland….NEVER !!!!!! and those who do, well then they not HAYaser, they are POXaser u verj
    funny, recently I had a conversation on FB with a Hayrenagic and in so many words she basically admitted to me…YES, I LOVE MONEY. I WORSHIP IT…I told her…GOOD GO TO THE CENTRAL BANK of HAYASTAN or MOSKVA or WHICH EVER COUNTRY and BOW YOUR DAVACHAN ASS TO YOUR MASTER BANKSTERS, BECAUSE YOU’RE THEIR BITCH SLAVE and THEY ARE YOUR ALL HAIL MIGHT LEADERS
    ….ay xexch axjik !

  2. This is when you go:

  3. few thoughts on this:
    I don’t think Taron Margaryan will be a mayor, i think he is destined to be an eternal deputy. (Actually, I hope so).
    These days I am searching for people who salute the fact of mayor’s leaving, but I can not find any. Does this mean he was a good mayor?
    Does he go away to be back as prime-minister? Do they ask him to leave at the peak of his popularity, so they use this card at any needed moment in the future?
    My opinion is – he was not a good mayor. Obviously he was better than his predecessor, but this is it. Being a typical modern Russian-type manager is not what Yerevan needs today.
    As for his decision to leave for Moscow – I would not name this Soviet type promotion. Where else would he agree or would he be offered to be promoted? Uzbekistan? Georgia? Spain? US? Estonia? His background, knowledge and his experience leave no other chance but promotion in Moscow/Russia only, and this has nothing to do with Soviets.

  4. and while my comment was awaiting moderation Taron Margaryan was proposed as a mayor from Republicans.

  5. Taron has been confirmed as mayor, not proposed

    1. You need to read your own link

      1. @ARmenia
        and you need to learn how read between the lines. In case you dont read my mother tongue, here it is english for you
        You think theres a difference between “proposed” and “comfirmed” in mafiya language???
        When the mafiya supposedly “proposes” anything, thats their lil covert way of letting their slaves (the ppl) know thats its already been confirmed and done with
        So again, Taron has been confirmed as mayor and if anyone didn’t see that coming, then unplug yourself from the matrix
        Also, @Observer
        You can smile all you want at his comment thinking he embarrassed me, when in reality he just embarrassed himself for thinking he tried to embarrass me

        1. Sorry for not reading between the lines :)))))

          1. @ARmenia
            inch ayl vor (whatever)

  6. Let him go and work for his masters in Russia, so what?
    As if he’s not replaceable, what is he the son of God or something? I bet there are hundreds of other Armenian young men and women that can do this job better than he would be and lead Yerevan into the era of globalization…. But, who will even give them the opportunity to govern?
    Mexq e Hayastanin!

  7. For me, as for an external observer, it proves the point that situation Armenia is so desperate that even the mayor of Yerevan is happy to quit his post for the sake of better job in Moscow. It is also another evidence that those people haven’t got rid of the Soviet type mentality and don’t see their homeland as an independent country.

    1. This is another twist in the “migrant worker” (խոպանչի) concept.

  8. along with a new mayor, comes a new COP (chief of police)

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