Lost & Found in Armenia (Movie Trailer)

Lost & Found in Armenia is the story of Bill (Jamie Kennedy), an American tourist who vacations to Turkey to get his mind off a bad break up.
In a comedic and dangerous turn of events, Bill unknowingly ends up in a small village in Armenia, where he is accused of being a Turkish spy. It is in that small village, he meets a beautiful Armenian girl (Angela Sarafyan), who helps him escape from misfortune.
The film directed by Gor Kirakosian and produced by Valerie McCaffrey and Maral Djerejian will be released early 2012.
PS: Looks like its going to be a fun little comedy. Can’t wait to watch it. Thank you Andranik for letting me know about this.

Artur Papyan

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  1. @Observer
    WoW, 1st time you mention me in 1 of blogs. So, thank you and welcome 🙂
    However, I emailed you about this 2 mo. ago 🙁
    Indeed, its set to be a funny quirky little film
    Also, it is 1st full feature american mainstream movie to be filmed in our beautiful beloved wonderful Hayastan
    Some facts about the actors & director
    Anzhela Sarafyan is born in Hayaatan, but raised in LA. She is very beautiful Hay axjik and can speak-read-write our very beautiful Hayeren…apres Anzhi jan, ay cavud tanenq, merrnenq ayd qo sirun Hayi achiqnerid. She has been in some american tv ad’s such as State Farm insurance, Cingular wireless (now AT&T wireless, #1 national celluar carrier in usa, equivilant to ViVa cell) and she is in the twilight movie breaking dawns breaking walls whatever its called. So, kamac kamac she getting up there
    As for jamie kennedy, he is from the SCREAM movie series in usa. If you dont know what is the SCREAM movies, you can find it on YouTube. Its stupid american pop-culture movie. He is what they refer to in hollywood as a C-list actor (i.e. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise are A-list actors)
    As for the director, he is Mihran Kirakosyans father. If any of you follow Armenchik, Mihran did some collaberation with our Armen few years ago, and use to be back-up dancer for Madonna and Britney Spears. Also, he is boyfriend to Ellenie Galustyan. I’m sure all of you know who she is by now. If not, search her on YouTube. I dont know much about Gorr, just that he is in Armenian show biz and has directed several music videos & films
    Originally, was not to be mad due to lack of funding. Director and producers needed $2M to make this film. However, no mainstream big wig hollywood studio wanted to fund it. So, they had to campaign for funds and ask Armenian comm. of LA to donate. I gave $50 as thats all I could afford and even now. Hopefully, this film wi be success overseas cause independent films in mainstream america dont do very well, due to lack of funding for advertisment and no big wig A-list actors ever do indie films
    Also, there is another similar indie-comedy film that has been made with Armenian theme and actors, even our very own ARmenchik makes a small appearence in it…
    Hopefully, LFIA will get same reaction

  2. The old yellow PAZ village buses 🙂

    1. And the very typical NIVA :))

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