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Hovhannes Hakobian, a brilliant filmmaker judging from this YouTube video, is seeking funding (according to @khurshud) to make a series of documentaries on Armenia’s nature.
Given the speed whith which we – Armenians are destroying our own nature with a variety of mining and construction projects, making such documentaries could be a chance to show the people what we’re about to lose and perhaps stop this madness.
But Hakobian hasn’t been very successful in finding funding. So I thought – maybe someone out there would be interested and could help?

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. this video is almost 1 yr old
    looks like evil scum turk killing/eating the wonderful peaceful beautiful ARmenians and then @2:25…HAYQakaaaaaaan ARciiiiiiiiv eating the scum evil turkish snake. thats what will happen to the evil turkish snake, we ARmenians will eat them and shit them out of our asses
    anyway, we have enough snakes in Yerevan who illegally occupying our homeland and running her into the ground. I say KILL ALL SNAKES in Hayastan
    As for Hovik, where I can donate? I dont have much to give, but he is my Hay brother and I will like to help him 🙂
    I’m curious did he shoot all that we see in the video?
    or did he compile a bunch of footage from else where?

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