Map of Speed Cameras in Yerevan

More info on speed cameras here>>>.
Also, has an interesting point of view on the Police initiative to install speed camera’s in Yerevan’s key crossroads.


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    • I actually have a problem with terminology. The police said in their announcement that they are installing two types of devices: “cameras” and “speed metering devices” (իրավախախտումների արձանագրման տեսախցիկներն ու արագաչափ սարքեր). I’ve only placed on the map the “cameras” so far, and haven’t placed the “speed measuring devices” because I don’t know their exact location, but hope to add them soon.

      But any help about the correct naming of these two types of devices would be appreciated, because I don’t really have a clue :))

      Also, I will open this map for collaborators so everyone can add to it once I get the first basics down.

  1. you’ve marked crossroads with 5 cctv cameras marked as radars on your map. The radars are actually the ones called “speed measuring devices”.

    • @Silver,
      I believe the cameras are more lethal then the radars. Just take London for instance, the whole city is under surveillance. Can you imagine if all of Yerevan was under surveillance?

      • @Garo, there’s a conceptual difference here.

        The camera by itself is harmless. Some municipality employee (who doesn’t give a flying fuck, I presume) has to watch it, analyze what he sees, and take action.

        The radar, on the other hand, is automated. It’s programmed to photograph your vehicle if the readings exceed the programmed speed limit.

        In case of the camera there is a human being involved. I’m guessing someone very typical. Instead of watching the monitors, he or she will go have coffee with the local ladies in the room next door and gossip about his boss. He will fuck up.

        The radars will not.

        • @Silver,

          It starts with a few cameras, and then before you know it the whole city is under surveillance. I don’t think I would want to live in a city where every step I take will be on record. Just sayin… But I do get your point.

      • Frankly, I didn’t explore that possibility… I’ve had some bad experience with Google Maps moderators not approving my edits recently, so I decided to go the quick and easy way.

  2. speed measuring devices in Yerevan????
    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO…..ok sure sure
    as if that will slow the crazy insane drivers in our Yerevan and decrease the murder driving rate

  3. Big-brother here I come. It’s a complete f***ed up.
    In London they ended up installing cameras because of the IRA. and then they found out that it’s convinient to keep people in constant fear and depression. Best way to make a society sick, a “more effective” approach than what Soviet Union applied.

  4. Hi. Thanks for good job. However new cameras have been installed and I want to help you to update this map. If you plan to continue this I want to help you but I don’t know how. Contact me if you need my help.

    • I appreciate any help I can get with this. Would you like to help editing the map? I can open access to it for you. Or, if you have a list of cameras,

  5. Unfortunately I don’t have a list of cameras, but with gps we can mention the cameras on map, by standing near camera and write gps address (I think so).

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