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  1. horrible blog, horrible blogger, anti-ARmenite, anti-Hayaser, anti-Hayastanci, -1 star, THUMBS down, ANTI-FREEDOM of SPEECH
    we know well you anti-ARmenites enjoy to know that the ARmenian ppl is a nation of domik momiks, while you all live in your $2m dollar warm heated mansions, drive your $100k automobiles, $500 dinners, $5000 shoppings, and $10k vegas & carribean/european vacations.
    nothing pleases you anti-ARmenites more than to know ARyan-KAVKASyan ARmenians suffer every day for last 20-25 years, what was it that your evil dark side emperor exec. dir. HAMPARI said bout us ARmenites….let those dirty stances die, what do we care, they not ARmenians anyway, only we are….
    your exec. dir. emperor of the galactic anti-ARmenite empire…..

  2. 2 mil$ home? damn! I’m missing out! 100k$ car? *whistles*.. what I couldn’t do with 5k for shopping! damn! and 10k vacations? DUBAI HERE I COME!!!.. what do you think we are? billionaires here? LOL! most of us have to work 2-3 jobs to manage to survive the damned week, let alone splurge like royalty! haha! you poor misguided soul…

  3. You guys are going into an unrelated discussion again. I might have to delete further comments.

  4. lets NOT ever forget it takes an ARmenian to keep us…Hays HAAAAAY
    I have yet to see an anti-ARmenite even dare touch ARmenchik and/or produce a song such as this

    1. “I have yet to see an anti-ARmenite even dare touch ARmenchik and/or produce a song such as this”… This comment actually shows you may not even be Armenian at all.
      And how come there are so many gor-gors and non-ARyan non-Kavkas Anti-ARmenian half-breeds in the video you are promoting?

  5. Perhaps we should tell the “real Armenian Kavkas” to go to Gyumri and help with the construction of the city instead of spending 24/7 behind a computer spreading false propaganda and handing out $40 in monopoly money to his aunt to post on youtube.

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