Artur Papyan

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  1. Yeah, the worst experience in my life was as a passenger in Yerevan. Although the speeds are low, the craziness of the anarchy gets to you.
    The solution is to entirely avoid it — either walk or take the underground. Walking is not entirely safe either, when crossing the road, there will be at least one car that will want to run you over even though you are on the crosswalk and you have the green running man light allowing you to cross the road.

    1. BTW, Armenia is not unique. Try driving in China… It is truly crazy there. It’s anarchy, a lot more people and better roads with much higher speeds.

    2. I would say that the situation has greatly improved in recent years. As a driver, I can also confirm, that the police has only stopped me if I’ve done something wrong. And I like how they have become much more respectful when addressing a driver.

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