$310,000 of Armenian Taxpayer Money for A Pair of Futuristic Toilets

Armenian taxpayers paid 124 million drams (about $310 thousand US) for two high-tech super-cool toilets, which were placed near TaTever ropeway in Syunik region and next to St. Grigor Lusavorich Church in Yerevan.
Deputy Minister of Economy Ara Petrosyan confirmed the information today. The official also underlined that the new acquisition is of great importance for boosting tourism in Armenia.
The cost of using the toilet is 200 drams. So it will take 620,000 tourists eager to use the facilities to recover the costs.
While I have always been for placing toilets and other facilities in important tourism destinations, it feels depressing to know that this toilet costs ten times more than my house. I bet the government could instead build 30 toilets instead in many much needed locations.
PS: Worse yet is the understanding that nobody is going to answer for such a gross waste of public money.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. I think it would have been cheaper to construct a regular bathroom and have an attendant monitor the cleanliness. Sometimes you need pzazz like this but a even a 5-star accommodation would add more value.

  2. My only response is a wide eyed, crude wtf….

  3. Reblogged this on Notes of a Spurkahye and commented:
    I…. don’t know what to say anymore
    The fact that I’m reading Clash of Kings and it’s about the point where the people are starving while the Lannisters lavish in their castle and a cruel, disgusting, utterly inhumane child rules from the Iron Throne, only makes me all the more stupefied. What in God’s name is wrong with people in this world? Sometimes I wonder if We’re merely living in some mental institution and it’s an experiment to see how long the sane people will last in this sea of insanity….

    1. I really like that last line you said. Perhaps it’s true who knows…

  4. I visited the toilet yesterday and took some photos. Since they can’t be posted nicely here, updated the post with a gallery. The funny part is – the sign on the toilet says it is out of order.

  5. This is just incredible….using tax payers money for some futuristic toilets? Armenia what in God’s name are you doing? What a waste of money, instead of using that to improve life there they are spending it on such useless things. I am Armenian, I really love the country despite the fact that I have never been there (yet), but I disagree with a lot of things happening there. it’s quite saddening.

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