Who’s lying about Armenia’s participation in the U.S.-led military exercises held in Georgia

Georgia -- The initial logo of
Georgia — The initial logo of “Agile Spirit 2017” military exercises published by the Georgian Ministry of Defense

The fact that Armenia has pulled away from taking part in the US-led military excercises in Georgia would be a minor story, if it wasn’t blown out of proportion by contradictory statements from Armenian and Georgian Defense Ministries. And now the story just won’t go away. Continue reading “Who’s lying about Armenia’s participation in the U.S.-led military exercises held in Georgia”


Average salary in Armenia is higher than Azerbaijan, lower than Georgia

Average Salary in Post-Soviet States
Average Salary in Post-Soviet States

I came across this infographic on Настоящее Время, which shows average salaries in post-Soviet states in 2016-17. The data is taken from open sources, like the World Bank, etc. Interesting to see that the salaries in oil-rich Azerbaijan are lower than in Armenia, meanwhile Georgia is ahead of everyone. Below is a table extracted from the infographic, which I’ve typed up and translated into English for easy reference.

Country Salary
Estonia  $1,313.00
Latvia  $1,009.00
Lithuania  $903.00
Russia  $657.00
Kazakhstan  $432.00
Georgia  $413.00
Belarus  $402.00
Armenia  $397.00
Azerbaijan  $299.00
Moldova  $288.00
Ukraine  $263.00
Kyrgyzstan  $204.00
Turkmenistan  $198.00
Uzbekistan  $177.00
Tajikistan  $120.00

Google Trips, Flight and Destinations now Support Armenia

Armenian destinations search on Google

If you need some suggestions for where to go next, try searching for “Armenia destinations” on Google and you’ll special search cards (see the picture abot). Hitting on each of them opens a nicely arranged special page, or you can try clicking “More destinations in Armenia.

From the destinations menu there are links to the travel guide, Google Flights and Google hotel search, all very helpful.

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Why Azerbaijani Laundromat is Bad for Armenia and Georgia

Map of South Caucasus
Map of South Caucasus

Even though Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia are vastly different states, they are always viewed together as one region — the South Caucasus. This means that all international human rights, anti-corruption and democratization reports will look at the indicators from these three countries and try to ‘bring them in line’ together. Continue reading “Why Azerbaijani Laundromat is Bad for Armenia and Georgia”

King Bako Sahakian of Artsakh Inaugurated

Bako Sahakian sworn in
Nagorno Karabakh – President Bako Sahakian is sworn in for another term, 7Sep2017.

This is a sad day. Nagorno-Karabakh President Bako Sahakian personally and deliberately defeated one of the greatest arguments in support of Karabakh’s independence from dictatorial Azerbaijan by swearing in for yet another term on Thursday and extending his decade-long rule.

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