The Amazing Armenian Space Station Band

When I first came across “Armenian Space Station’s” music video on Facebook this morning, I couldn’t have even imagined, that I would be glued to it for hours. Listening non-stop. Enjoying non-stop.
Los Angeles based musicians Greg Hosharian and Barrett Yeretsian never planned on forming a band.
“It just happened naturally,” says Hosharian on the group’s official website. “We were working on music for TV/Film and one of the instrumental pieces took on a life of its own.”
Yeretsian, a self-taught drummer, producer, songwriter and composer says, “…in any given song, we can go from a beautifully serene Armenian folk section to the heaviest, most progressive music we’ve ever written or performed. There is no hesitation to fully express ourselves.”
They officially ‘launched’ Armenian Space Station in Armenia in October, 2009 by performing in front of 1200 people in Moscow Cinema.
After their debut concert in Yerevan, Armenian Space Station added Clint Feddersen on bass and Phil Trujeque on guitar.
Since then, the group has released a 4-song E.P., played a U.S. debut show at the Roxy, shot a music video for “Escape Velocity” and has built a dedicated and rapidly growing fan base in the Los Angeles area.
PS: Here’s their musical playlist featuring 4 excellent pieces for your full enjoyment. Warning, take some bottled oxygen with you. Prolonged stay on-board of Armenian Space Station may take your breath away.

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