Tuning Show 2012 was held in Yerevan

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Around fifty cars and motorcycles from Armenia and Georgia took part in the “Tunining Show 2012” held in Yerevan’s Victory park on Sunday. Continue reading


The Significance of the Caucasus

Here’s a rather simplistic video dispatch by STRATFOR, a US based company which provides “analysis and insights into political, economic, and military developments”. Continue reading

Holiday Planner: Bing maps provides driving directions to Georgia


Microsoft’s Bing Maps says: “Depart from Yerevan on M24 road and drive 5.2 miles, turn right onto highway A325 … cross over to Georgia… Arrive at Kobuleti, Ajaria, Georgia on the right.” Yep, looks like the Bing Maps is the best option for Armenians planning to ride to the Black See for an escape from summer heat in an affordable seaside location in Georgia.

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CRRC: Why do so many Armenians leave Armenia?

migration data charts and tables

57% of Armenians want to temporarily leave Armenia, while this number is 45% in Georgia and 47% in Azerbaijan for their respective populations (See Figure 1), according to data from the 2009 Caucasus Barometer (CB). The study furthermore indicates, that 25% percent of Armenians want to permanently leave Armenia, while this number is 11% and 16% for Georgia and Azerbaijan, respectively.

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