Plans to boycott Sirusho at Eurovision

Boycott blog – set up a couple of weeks ago to promote the concept of civil-boycott of various things – boycottable, in sign of protest of the 2008 Presidential election results and the reaction of authorities that followed opposition protests, has now come up with a discussion, whether it is acceptable to boycott the Eurovision song contest and Armenian representative – Sirusho. [youtube=””] While I see some logic in that – I just watched the “Qele, qele” song – Armenian Eurovision entry, and felt, that it would be unjust towards the artist – Sirusho, who is basically still just a kid, especially as the song sounds like a winning one to me. Moreover, considering the fact, that this year is Azerbaijan’s first entry into the Eurovision contest, I have that little twitch of pride inside me, telling we have to do everything to make sure the Armenian artist wins. On the other hand, it is not just about Sirusho – it is the Armenian Public TV – that is taking part in the contest – and if this boycott could serve to teach a lesson of public mistrust towards the Public TV – for all the disgraceful media coverage of the election process over the past several months, maybe it is a justified more? I really don’t know. What do you think?
Here’s a Podcast of the Armenian Blog roundup made about this topic.

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  2. Uhh this is a horrendous idea. I know Sirusho has connections to Kocharian and is no supporter but COME ON, she is representing Armenia to Europe on the world stage and actually is one of the favorites to WIN. Oh Armenians, your only strength is in your UNITY. If they boycott her you can forget Eurovision: Yerevan 2009, which while still somewhat of a longshot would be an INCREDIBLE boost to the country both recognition-wise and money-wise! When else can you get thousands of Europeans to want to visit your country without a major marketing campaign?!?!

  3. boycotting this song would just be another example of not appreciating these very very few good things that are actually happening in Armenia.
    If you want to boycott Public TV then don’t watch it. In fact, the best way to boycott TV in general is to actively contribute to development of the internet in Armenia. In the west for instance, the younger generation is moving away from the TV as almost everything is available, commercial free, on the internet. Today, even major newspapers, like say SF Chronicles, are struggling to maintain their readers as better and more diverse information is available online via blogs and online news agencies.
    I myself have been boycotting TV in general, not just Armenian TV, by watching all programs I like including soccer on my computer. It is a bit pricey at the moment (if you want to get high quality), but in few years time, this should be even more accessible.
    So internet is the answer.

  4. Hmm,
    even with major marketing campaign Europeans won’t go to Armenia unless something like this happens in Armenia.

  5. Nice idea – Next we can root against the Armenians at the Olympic games, maybe even cheer for the Azeri chess players at the chess olympiad, or even burn Armenian books and artwork depending on the authors!

  6. I remember when on of the opposition party members was in Sweden to talk about the political situation in Armenia. It was the same thing as usual, the level of corruption an bla bla bla basically the situation in Armenia is bad … we haven’t heard that saga before ?
    This is the thing ! Afterward I spoke to hear ….. and she wasn’t interested in Armenia! The only thing she was interested in was how she could stay in Sweden ? To conclude she was basically more interested in herself then in anything about Armenia….she was basically having a lecture about how bad thing wear for her so somebody out of pity could find a way for her to stay in Sweden.

  7. AH I loved you comment …. Isn’t the opposition in Armenian like small immature babies ? bääääää bäääääää I want milk mommy …….I want milk …….. They should join the Azerbaijani army …. If they haven’t ?

  8. From now on I will kill any Armenian to support democracy

  9. SWEDEN – calls for violence and murder are prohibited on this blog. You will be put on moderation from now on.

  10. Well, guys, there is an interesting discussion here!
    Sweden, then you can join Republican Party in Armenia or Al-Kaeda. I think spurious patriotism is much more terrible than fascism!
    аа – Nobody in Armenia did as much as I did during the last two years to promote Armenian singers during the Eurovision competition. At this time we solve our internal problems, and your appeals are nonsense or something like that!
    About developing tourism in Armenia! I don’t think having such terrible situation with civil society in our country making Armenia much more attractive! Аccusations in cheering Azeris is nonsense and something like Gebel’s speech! AH, you can read them, you would like it for sure!

  11. Looks like I’ve been boycotting that garbage all my life. Thank god I live in the US now where we don’t have Eurovision…
    I am still amazed that the former SU countries are so excited about it. It’s a total waste of taxpayer money with dubious return on investment. The only people who benefit are the organizers.

  12. Well ynker nazarian jan it is no different than our silly American Idol. So you still live in an environment where silly things happen.
    I personally like Eurovision (not for the quality of the music though). if you listen to economist (and judging from nazarian’s comments he probably is one) the world would only become a boring place. Some even argue that symphony should be abolished because it is a waste of money. Well, you have a valid very well-thought technical point, but common I want to be entertained sometimes, and to support symphony I am willing to pay both taxes and for tickets, even though there is close to no return whatsoever from this investment. I suppose those who support Eurovision or such shows have the same kind of feelings as I do about symphony, opera, ballet and theater. So I cannot agree.

  13. All this hot debate over Eurovision seems to lead to one conclusion: Eurovision should be overseeing the election process in Armenia, since it’s the only voting process Armenians unanimously seem to trust.

  14. Joxovurd ekeq od chshnchenq,qani vor ajn shnchelov,menq shnchum enq Serjiki u Robiki artashnchac garshahote!!!!
    Bolors gnenq hakagazaer ev man ganq Erevanov!!!!

  15. Ara Arabyan – For the record I find your call to boycott Eurovision (which I wouldn’t watch if you paid me, but that is not the point) a ridiculous call. Think of all the things that could be boycotted in society (cigarettes, Turkish goods, Russian rabiz-pop) and you choose some Armenian teenage pop singer?
    What is this? Yet another attempt to divide Armenians with no positive benefit? I mean, who honestly cares if she finishes 5th or 15th? What would be accomplished by this untrackable waste of time? No regard to effect. No thought as to the consequences, and replacing positive action with negative lashing out and zero-effect nihilism. I honestly don’t get the argument.
    Once you conduct this boycott it is not a far stretch to boycott Armenian exports, cheer against Armenian teams, you name it.

  16. A stupid move if you ask me….No way to engender support in the masses who watch this pop crap.

  17. The notion that a boycott of Armenia at Eurovision will teach anyone a lesson or result in a civil society is possibly the stupidest one I’ve ever heard. Armenia has come in 8th the past two years. Every predictor has said it will do better than that this time. Even a mass boycott by Armenians (who CAN’T EVEN VOTE FOR THEIR OWN COUNTRY) won’t keep other countries from voting for Armenia as a legitimately good song. This means only the Armenian diaspora in Europe, who of course doesn’t even live under Serge’s rule, are the only people who can boycott Armenia at Eurovision since Armenia has to vote for other countries. Even with their boycott Armenia is expected to get at least 8th place. Therefore the worst it can probably do is equal to how it’s done in past years, so all you’ve done is out of spite kept Armenia from getting a higher place (meanwhile Azerbaijan’s horrendous entry is actually getting some buzz for God knows what reason (which I do not say out of anti-Azeri fervor but out of concern for my ear drums), it and Turkey are actually something to compete against this year) and possibly kept Eurovision from coming to Armenia while taught the authorities NOTHING. They’ll just say look we got 8th place again, horray for us, case closed.
    Besides, can you imagine if Armenia came in last (which it won’t) that Serge would be so distraut he’d just resign or the public television would stop being his puppet? NO! This is absolutely the WRONG place to do this and will do nothing but take away, as pointed out, one of the only good things going well for Armenia right now. I am sympathetic to the opposition but will you stop at NOTHING to add to Armenia’s already great misery by boycotting a stupid song contest?!?!?! Half the entries are singing fat men (Estonia) or dancing turkeys (Ireland), is this REALLY the place for a political statement?!

  18. es ewrtesilow chem tarapel erbeq. hama mi ban a indz hetaqrqrum – et boykoti imasty inch a? arterkrneric hajery chen qwearkum Sirushojin- chnajac- es nenc haskaca- ete chliner wergin iradarcutjunnery- patrastwum ein da anel. Worpes hetewanq unenum enq – Sirushon aweli cacr tegh e stanum, bajc patcharneri masin imanum en miajn boycot anoghnery. Hetaqrqir zbaghmunq e ihark e

  19. […] The Armenian Observer reports that the politicization of the Eurovision Song Contest is continuing with the opposition in Armenia considering a boycott of the music competition and Armenia’s entry, Sirusho. True, the young singer has been linked to the Kocharian’s and performed in support of the new president, Serge Sargsyan, in his pre-election campaign, but it has to be asked if such a move will prove more likely to work against the opposition than for it. While I see some logic in that – I just watched the “Qele, qele” song – Armenian Eurovision entry, and felt, that it would be unjust towards the artist – Sirusho, who is basically still just a kid, especially as the song sounds like a winning one to me. Moreover, considering the fact, that this year is Azerbaijan’s first entry into the Eurovision contest, I have that little twitch of pride inside me, telling we have to do everything to make sure the Armenian artist wins. […]

  20. […] for his successor, Serge Sargsyan, in the February presidential election. However, the blog asks if what Armenia could gain from supporting Sirusho outweighs the domestic political considerati…. Posted by Onnik Krikorian Share […]

  21. You guys are morons,
    you could have voted for Sirusho and make her win. Next year Eurovision will be in a country of a winner. And when the people from all countries come to Armenia for Eurovision you can express your protest. This would have been more effective.
    Anyway both ways are wrong…

  22. Should we boycott Eurovision, or should we treat it with compassion ?

  23. No, we should not boycott Eurovision. We should boycott those businessmen whose bodyguards killed peaceful demonstrators.
    Also all provocateurs from Serjs and Levons supporters who spread hatred in public and called for violence should be prosecuted.
    This should be done to prevent the repetition of similar events in the future.

  24. this is another indication that levon and his followers are enemies of Armenia!

  25. The desperate LTP camp is inventing one option more stupid than the other from dancing and singing revolution, to shaurma eating and rope jumping to calls on civil disobedience that should include cutting diasporan support of Armenia. Cut it, so that the Armenian army cannot be supported. This is the worst kind of neo-Bolshevism. The posessesed have come to boycotting Armenian teenage singer now – although they cannot, even if they wanted to. There´s got to be a limit to brainwashed haters of patriotism. One way to deal with this problem is to have regular reserve calls for Arabyans, Bleyans and other psychos so that they can dig trenches on the frontline under Sirusho songs. Some people do not deserve freedom simply because they can cynically abuse it. There is no freedom without the common good.

  26. Boycotting Sirusho is the dumbest idea I have ever heard. What does
    she have to do with politics?! Or what is this boycott going to
    However, it confirms my strong believe that the so-called movement is
    not about freedom, as they claim, but about shamelessly disrupting
    EVERY aspect of life in Armenia. Their mentality is that nothing good
    ever comes out of Armenia, nothing good is ever even possible in
    Armenia, that Armenia is the worst country in the world (by far), the
    poverty is the worst in the world (by far), everyone is miserable and
    will always stay that way, no matter what. And if, God forbid,
    something good happens, then let’s destroy it right from the
    beginning, because we can’t have anything good here. God forbig if
    there should be even one person smiling or enjoying himself/herself.
    Sorry if this came out a bit harsh, but that’s how I feel about them.
    I am just venting, it’s not for publication….

  27. Eurovision is not a big deal 🙂 The Europeans dont pay much attention to it. It is a joke in many West European countries. The Finland victory 2 years ago (?) is a good example of it.
    It seems that only the new entrants and the small countries give much attaention to it.
    So personally I think it should be left to the individuals to do whatever they want to do. I am a movement supporter and probably I would vote for that song if I liked it. Eurovision is a joke and Armenian government spending so much taxpayers money on it is even a bigger joke.
    i think you should pay 300.000 Euros membership fee to participate. Last time Georgians didnt even bother to waste that amount of money.

  28. For the reply to your comments, please visit

  29. It is a mainly Turkish sounding song ( the background moughams especially at minutes 1.07-1.11 and so on) I think it should be boycoted to demonstrate that the Armenians like to hear an Armenian song. I would like to see this pattern to end, Arcan (or whaoever) won many years ago and Armenians “musicians” copy that leaving any decency aside thinking that it will increase the winning chances. It will not, that song is extreemly primitive.
    It is a disgrace and it should be boycotted.
    Enough is enough.
    I think like as the last time Turkey will give highest votes.

  30. This will be my last post on this little issue. Unfortunately, the whole thing looks like completely one sided. Again, it feels that the opposition has nothing better to do, and this is a profoundly saddening fact. All these activities illustrate the hopelessness of the opposition and both parties, the opposition and the government, are to blame for this situation.
    The organizer of this should understand that if you are independent then you can win only if you stay neutral. This is a low level skirmish between two self motivated packs. People have nothing to do with this, and instead of boycotting Sirusho, please lead people towards boycotting both Serj and Levon at the same time. Only then you will win, and only then you will have your much desired democracy. Unless you start such movement, there will be many more Sirushos, many more Serjes, many more Levons, many more Kocharians, dodi Gagos, Grzyos, and so on.

  31. Lots of entertainers have had ties to the mob, but nobody’s ever boycotted them, because it’s a pointless thing to do. Entertainers perform for the mob in order to advance their careers, just like they perform for anyone else. I don’t know Sirusho, but I would venture to guess that she is either a-political or she puts her career way, way above politics.
    And in the end, How does anybody know that a boycott by the Opposition wouldn’t end up severely harming it by making it look like the Opposition is made up of bitter fools who would damage the image of the representative of their country out of sheer idiocy and spite?
    We all hate Sarkissian and company and want to see them at the Hague. Let’s use that energy to do something that actually works.

  32. If recent events are any indication, the radicals among the opposition have in fact done what they can to damage the image of their country out of sheer idiocy and spite.
    Plus, “we all hate Sarkissian” is simply not true. Maybe you hate Sarkissian,and that is your business. Why do the delusional among the radical opposition always invoke “The People” or “We all?”
    Someone else put it well – this is neo-bolshevism at its best. No one gave you or the opposition leaders the right to speak on behalf of the nation, thank goodness.

  33. Rather than boycott Eurovision people should stop paying to see shows of Nune Yesayan due to the idiotic and extremely offensive comments she made two days ago regarding those who were killed on March 1st and I paraphrase – Those who died shouldn’t have been there…they only have themselves to blame for what occurred.
    The sheer bravado of her words is unfathomable and goes to show her egotistical nature and how she views the common cigtizen.
    In the interview she went on to praise Serzh for responding to a personal request of hers for funds when he was Defense Minister. She described him as an official who never refuses to “help a friend”.
    Nune – PLEASE SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Yammer, yammer about “neo-bolshevism.” Neo-STALINISM is what you should be worried about.

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  36. I just don’t understand why do you make everything so political?? Go and cheer for AZERIS and TURKS, this might feel good too! I am so ashamed and disappoinred of you!

  37. Bayts ays himar@ ov e vor sranov voroshvi Hayastani djakatagir@, inq@ kara menak serjuhu hamar ergi. Isk inch veraberum e vor sa karogha haghti ev hajord tari Hayastanum tantskatsvi, amota, krknaki xaytarakutyun marti 1 its heto, patkeratsreq Evropatsinerin shrjapatvats mer hastaglux mardaspan mlitseqov.

  38. Good point Anush. Using this logic, lets cheer against our football and chess players too. On top of this, God forbid we win some medals at the Olympic Games, they’ll even be forced to play Serj’s national anthem.

  39. […] election Armenia, the radical opposition have effectively named Sirusho persona non grata and urged a boycott of her in the competition because of links with the former president's family and her active […]

  40. Sirusho rocked the stage, made the world spin and took everyone captive with her charm, beauty and performance. At only 21, she has the grace of Audrey Hepburn, the charm of Anna Pavlova and the voice that commands respect wherever she is and the stage of Eurovision 2008 is definitely no exception. She also wrote her own song.
    As for the other contestants, some of them definitely seemed like they were stuck in a time warp with their appearance and performance. In fact I had to look at the screen twice to confirm that it was Eurovision 2008 and not 1988.
    Sirusho could very well finish at #1.

  41. Yes chei imanum vor mera azgi mech ESKAN ANASOON KA.
    Ara dook DEBILEK yes chem haskanum?
    Vonts karelia ko yerkri nerkayatsutschi anune ktsel?
    Es axchike um achkna hanel? Um inch gortz te inke um tzanotna te barekamna?
    Poxanak nstek voroshek te et martun vonts ognenk vor haxti, tufta u anasoon kartzikneerek durs talis (iharke voch boloret).
    Footboli federatsayi naxagahe mafiosa, uremn ekek sranits heto Hayastani havakakani xaxerin chgnank, u mer xaxatsoxnerin chognenk
    Tkhmar, animast, ev DAVATJAN logika


  43. lriv hamadzayn em AKS-i het

  44. Ну конечно, жизнь не может быть идеальной 🙂

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