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  1. Mmmmmmmm, serssss.

  2. Here’s another one that brings me to tears.
    Hayastan, cavd danim, mernim kezi.
    I will move to Hayastan next year even if aryatsi kavkazyan doesn’t want me to :-p

    1. @hayk
      I know you read my email and since I can’t re-write the comment I wrote about you stepping foot in my homeland knowing that Observer will censor and not allow it to be published here on this blog for obvious reasons, then I will remind you of that comment … if you do, you know what will happen !!!
      you wont be moving there next year or in 100 years
      you ***-***’s all repeat the same, its all talk and never walk
      we will move to Hayastan this, we will move to Hayastan that
      we will visit Hayastan there, we will go to Hayastan here
      yet, none of ***-***’s ever do, you just like to talk big
      at best Hayastan receives 100 of you ***-***’s ever year
      1 or 2 of you stay for few weeks, few months, where as most few days
      but how peculiar you will always visit and move back to your BOURCH MUKHAMMUD ALLAHU AKBAR MAKBAR camel libnan mibnan and haleb waleb and bagdad maghdad walla habibi…WALLA???
      also, I will refer to this beautiful wonderful gorgeous proud line of this beautiful wonderful gorgeous and proud ARmenian song
      “tox vor t’shnami har anzor lini, EV VOTQ CH’DNI IM HAYRENI HOXI”
      in a very subliminal way, she is referring to not only to turks & azeris, but I can assure you to ***-***’s as well

  3. I thought they had restored Zvartnots. They were talking about it in the mid 80-s when I was there the last time.

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