The "Right Type of Manager" Appointed as Chief of Armenia's Police

Armenia -- President Serzh Sargsian introduces new police chief to the top police officers, Yerevan, 01Nov2011
Armenia -- President Serzh Sargsian introduces new police chief to the top police officers, Yerevan, 01Nov2011

Armenian President Serzh Sargsian replaced the Head of Police Alik Sargsian with Deputy Defence Minister Vladimir Gasparian.

“Armenian Police needs Vladimir Gasparian’s type of manager,” Sargsian explained his decision as he introduced the new chief of police today and dismissed Alik Sargsian with a mere “thank you” and appointment to a symbolic post of his advisor (Sargsian has a dozen of advisors by now).
What exactly is Gasparian’s “type” of management? Jusding from his past deeds, Vladimir Gasparian is the uncompromising and brutal force, which has been used in the past and will be used again as Armenia heads into an election period. His appointment illustrates the determination of the authorities to use repressive methods during the upcoming election and crack down on any type of descent.
Vladimir (Vova) Gasparyan, newly appointed Chief of Armenia's Police
Vladimir (Vova) Gasparyan, newly appointed Chief of Armenia's Police | Photo:

On another recent episode, then Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir (Vova) Gasparian spoke about the need to take legal action against civil society activists and NGOs, who voice problems in the Armenian army. He’s also known to have publicly used against political activists, civil activists and NGOs offensive epithets like “թուլա” (puppy), “անհայրենիք, անշնորհք, սեփական արժանապատվությունը չունեցող երևույթներ” (people without dignity, respect and fatherland), very well describing his attitude towards everybody who lives and cares for this country, but doesn’t necessarily want to be a part of the ruling regime.
I’m not saying, that Alik Sargsian, the former police chief was any better, but Vova Gasparian’s appointment is a clear sign of things to come.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. This what I think of when a promotion is done in the mafiya ranks…

    1. yep, looks pretty much as it should 🙂

  2. very disappointed with recent appointments, very…
    we simply go back…
    P.S. why do you use “ian” at the end of family names? is this how their family names are written?

    1. @ARmenia
      no “yan” should be used when referring to these mafia thugs. they are NOT ARmenian in any way shape or form. they are (as I like to say) gor-gor….and well, last I checked most gor-gors use “ian” instead of “yan”.
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      anyway, if ones interests/agenda are against the ARmenian nation and her ppl (such as most gor-gors’ interests) then one will be defined as a “gor-gor” by all HAYasers alike. regardless they using “ian” or “yan” in their azganun
      little bit of our history…
      the “ian/yan” is not of Hayqakan origin. it is of persian origin
      we adopted it during persian rule or more accurately it was forced onto us. as Hays we’ve never used that suffix in our names before persian rule. prime example: HAYQ NAHAPET….Nahapet translates to “patriarch”, hence why we say Hayq Nahapet = Patriarch Hayq.
      the “yan” came about from persians which means “of” , referring to the family name and/or patriarch of your family tree. i.e.: Arthur Papyan = Arthur of Pap. which is sort of weird, considering Pap in our (and most languages) means father/grandfather. so, observer would be… Arthur of father/grandfather???

      1. well – if you look closely, I usually use ian in the main text and add tags with yan below the post, because my main audience is doing searches in english and most often using the ian form of last names. Still – using the tags
        ith yan form I’m not missing out on some of the searches with yan :)) Call it a little marketing/SEO trick if you like.

      2. @Aryan
        thank you for this very interesting reply, so now I know that words միջնադարյան, նախնադարյան, Արցախյան are of persian origin.
        and now I also know, that you use a persian origin name in your nickname
        but actually, I was asking Arthur of Father/Grandfather to answer my question
        now its clear, thanks, then change Vova’s picture legend too

      3. You rant about gor gor’s all day long… Do you have some secret obsession with them? Last time I checked it’s the punik hayastanci’s that are ruining Armenia. All I’ve ever heard from you are negative, demoralizing comments. You are like a cancer within the Armenian race that us REAL Armenians are trying to get rid of. You never have any logical things to say about Armenia or Armenians. Yan, ian wtf is the difference? Seriously, who are you man?

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  3. @Independent,
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    Do you have anything to say about Vova Gasparian? Say it. Everything else will be considered as SPAM or irrelevant comments.

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