Gagik Tsarukian and "Prosperous Armenia" Party

Onnik Krikoryan has another post on CRD/TI Armenia’s Election Monitor 2007, talking about Gagik Tsarukian and the Prosperous Armenia, the party that has become a major part of the political landscape in Armenia.
Onnik invites for discussion and comments both at Oneworld and the CRD/TI Armenia’s Election Monitor 2007 about the issues related to the “Prosperous Armenia” – the “overnight” party that recruited 370,000 memebers over the period of one year to become the largest party around (RFE/RL). The methods employed by the party to attract new memebership have been regarded by many critics as “wholesale vote buying” and the policy of the party has been labelled as “potato democracy” by the IWPR. At any rate, like Onnik puts it:

Like him or loathe him, there’s no avoiding him, and Tsarukian’s name is on everybody’s lips these days — regardless of their political preference or persuasion.


Crystallization of Political Liberalism (oligarchs) and Conservatism (military) in Armenia

ALS Movement discusses the political structure in Armenia, and describes the current situation as “crystallization of political Liberalism (oligarchs) and Conservatism (military) in Armenia (albeit in obviously rachitic and deformed shape) – with no significant 3rd or 4th way politics in sight. “


Blogs – the New Printed Press?

Summary by Global Voices Online :
[…] The CRD/TI Armenia Election Monitor 2007 writes about blogs as the new printing press, discussing experiences with blogging and politics in other countries and how those experiences are worth paying attention to in Armenia. […]


“Wake up” and become involved in social processes in Armenia!

ALS Movement, Anoush Armenia and Bekaisa keep the carnival organized in Yerevna on the traditional Armenian festival day of “Barekendan” in the focus, bringing additional news and stressing the importance of this social event from a civil perspective. ALS Movement looks at the civic value of the event in more depth:

[…]A Panegyric/carnival is being organized in Yerevan on the day of Barekentan, and it’s important that as many people as possible go.
Communal Panegyrics and celebrations in all cultures since ancient times have been a way of protest against and rejoicing despite the tyranies of the day – it has been a way to manifest their collective rebelous spirit in a festive way. It has often been a piss-take of authorities — A way of Reclaiming what is permanently theirs (Streets, Public wealth, or maybe just Rice with raisins).[…]

The organizers have put up the following announcement on the festival website – :

[…]Seeing as how the Parliamentary elections of 2007 are critical for the democratization processes in Armenia, Barekendan serves as an ideal occasion for the civil society activists to call upon their fellow dormant citizens to “wake up” and become involved. […]

Here’s an additional reminder of date and place which had already been posted on this blog ealier.

Sunday, February 18 at 13:00
Near the Komitas statue in front of the Music Conservatory
“Come and reclaim your oil and rice”