No Manifesto, No Party Registration for Bargavach Hayastan!

Sasuntsi Anarchist from the ALS Movement claims to have discovered why “Gagik Tsarukian’s Prosperous Armenia Party does not appear among the registered parties list”, and the reason that they “have been refused registration as a political party because they still don’t have a manifesto“!
Moreover, the ALS Movement have added a mock Banana Republic seciton to their blog  the sole purpose of which is “to ridicule Bargavatch Hayastan and this whole political unseriousness in Armenia.”

Vote Bribes, Civil Society, Polls, Surveys & Monitoring

From next week CRD / TI Armenia Election Monitor 2007 “will start to focus on how civil society in Armenia is preparing for the election, the kind of activities NGOs are engaged in, and what people actually think.”
This particular post focused more on “vote buying” excercised during the 2003 elections and the outcomes of a recent US government funded poll (August, 2007, by International Republican Institute, the Gallup Organization and the Armenian Sociological Association) on voter attitudes.  The Monitor has some facts and figures from the study showing voter attitudes, which RFE/RL described as widespread voter cynicism while Armenia Now covered the story from a different angle and reported that 6.2 out of 10 Armenians want change and that most citizens will cast their votes.

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