Sksela – OpenSpace

OpenSpaceThis new gathering of Sksela was called “OpenSpace”. About 40 young people were citing in a circle in front of the Komitas statue, the favorite location of Sksela events, and were discussing their future plans in the “open space”, for anyone to hear and join. In fact I spotted a lady who had no relation to the action joining in with a suggestion of her own after watching these strange young people sitting on grass for a while. Continue reading “Sksela – OpenSpace”

6 options for those offered an electoral bribe

From Rubywedge especially for those who are offered an electoral bribe of 5000 AMD (approx. $14 US), what would your reaction be:

  1. I’ll take it, why not? I don’t care who sits in the parliament – they’re all the same anyway. And I can always find a way of using those five thousands. All MPs buy their place in, don’t they? Some buy it with money, some with goods, and those who don’t have enough money, buy their place with promises. Continue reading “6 options for those offered an electoral bribe”

So Who’s Playing Games? US State Department or Armenian Foreign Ministry?

The US State Department amended for the second time on April 25 the wording of a controversial paragraph of its annual report on human rights in Armenia Armenia reports.
Kornelij Glas also brings to attention the following changes in the report, which now read like this again: “Armenia continues to occupy the Azerbaijani territory of Nagorno-Karabakh and seven surrounding Azerbaijani territories”. And provides a link for those who find it hard to believe..

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