Armenia to give growth in economy priority over rights

Kornelij Glas and Hyelog have both republished articles about Armenia’s newly appointed prime-minister Serge Sargsyan’s recent interview where the former Defense Minister has prioritized economic growth over human rights issues in the country:

“It is hard to talk about democratic and human rights when you need to solve the social and economic needs of the population,” the prime minister said during a trip to Brussels. “We would not like to be a state stuck in our transition.”

Russia Supports the Republican Party

Rhyne at Armenia blog looks at a recent article by Kommersant, claiming, that Russia officially supports the Republican Party and Serge Sarkasyan during the upcoming elections. It’s no surprise for the blogger, that Russia, one of the “least democratic countries around” is taking sides. The blogger is more concerned about the choices of voters in Armenia:

So what happens when both the top choices are evil and undesirable, yet the most powerful and influential?

The Liberty Square Liberated

“The upcoming “meeting” [of Aylyntranq] will be held in Azatutyan square on Friday, April 13, 2007, at 19:00”, announces Aramazd with joy, noting, that “Finally the authorities surrendered” to the Aylyntranq demands to have the Liberty square in front of the Opera house in Yerevan for their rallies, following a couple of refusals.

This is micro victory meaning not much, but sufficient to make them believe that we are really decisive, stubborn, tht we are not afraid, that we are ready for conflicts, for courts, for the police…

Reckless drivers are being penalized

Lara from Life in Armenia is more interested in finding a political party that is genuinely interested in helping clean up the country, rather then following the election campaigns of the parties. By clean up Lara also means the reduction of road hazards for drivers and pedestrians.

In the next month, we will be inundated by political election rhetoric, but it remains to be seen whether any of the political parties will have real, authentic and practical agendas that will be valuable and tangible for the country – and whether they will be enforced after the elections. For now, I am quite pleased by the ‘slight’ improvement related to the road safety. I hope that in time and with a bit more education, the road safety will be enhanced and make this place a safer home for us all.

The Official Start of the Election Campaign Period

Blogian and Oneworld Multimedia report the official start of the “unholy campaign of parliamentarian elections”(Blogian) which has started on holy Easter in Armenia. Blogian is especially frustrated by the fact, that Prosperous Armenia’s campaign will be “blessed” by the Catholicos, saying “So what happened to “Give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s, give unto God what is God’s”? (Blogian)

Cartoon via Blogian via echannel


On a related note, Zarchka from Life around me writes about the energetic start of the election campaign by Dashnaktsutyun Party with posters sticking all around, and voices her concerns: Continue reading “The Official Start of the Election Campaign Period”

Predictable politics and apathetic youth

A lot of things happening in the political landscape of Armenia are anticipated and predictable “by journalists and people on the street alike”, Notes from Hairenik speculates, building up his speculations around the fact, that this predictability in the Armenian politics leads to apathy, as people do not see their vote as a decisive factor in bringing change to the country:

When politics is predictable, apathy abound. Supposedly we just have to take things as they are reported by the Armenian media or by word of mouth. There’s nothing else to be done except to let it happen, at least that is the vibe I have been getting. Continue reading “Predictable politics and apathetic youth”

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