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106 Resolution Support Vanes While The Times Report of Armenian Genocide from Friday October 8, 1915 is Getting into Circulation

Several days ago JLiving Notes was speculating, that the 106 resolution on Armenian Genocide adopted by the House Committee, will remain the focal point of many blog discussions for the days to come, saying he wants to believe, that for once historical justice will win (asking sceptically – if there is such thing at all). The British Times have been digging their archives and come up with more “hard” facts to support the Congress decision – the full text of this report from October 8, 1995 has already circulated through a large number of Armenian blogs, with the HayBlog and Kornelij Glas among the first to come up with the story.

To one who remembers the rejoicings which welcomed the bloodless Turkish Revolution of 1908, the fraternization of Moslem and Christian, the confidence in a better future for the Armenians which survived even the Adana massacre of 1909, the story of the systematic persecution of the Armenians of Turkey is a bitter tale to tell. Talaat Bey and his extremist allies have out-Hamided Abdul Hamid. They have even shocked their German friends, thus attaining eminence in “frightfulness” to which the “Red Sultan” never soared.

Meanwhile, Blogian says “Democrats Prostituting Under Turkish Sword“, and quotes the report by the New York Times, saying that “Over a dozen democrats have dropped their support for the Armenian Genocide resolution in the last 24 hours”.

Uzogh is not impressed though, this is “democracy in action” he says, pointing to this list of Congressmen supporting the resolution at the moment, and noting, that while the number has dropped from 226 to 218, there is still enough support to pass the resolution in the 435 seat Congresss.