More Comments from Armenian Bloggers on US Congress Resolution 106

Armenian Bloggers kept following the developments around US Congress Resolution 106 last week. However, unlike the posts following immediately after the adoption of this House Committee resolution, the skeptical attitude prevailed this time. The main motive is that of blaming the United States and especially G. W. Bush in hypocrisy, while the most commonly sounded idea was, in various alterations and combinations that: Turks will remain Turks (with all the negative connotation attached to the name Turk accumulated in the course of the past 100+ years following the first mass killings of Armenians in the days of the Bloody Sultan – Sultan Hamid and passing on to the First Genocide of the 20th Century).
Here are again in more or less chronological order, extracts from some of the more prominent Armenian Bloggers in Armenian, English and Russian. At that – I have to draw special attention at the coverage of the developments by Onnik Krikoryan at his blog, as well as his first post at the Global Voices Online. He has undoubtedly provided the fullest coverage, bringing updates and opinions not only from the world news headlines, Armenian information sources, but also from blogospheres in US, Turkey and Armenia. As to the other Bloggers, we have seen once again, that if there is any single issue that can unite all Armenians – it is the Armenian Genocide and it is the pain, that lives in all of us down to the levels of subconscious and genome. On to the extracts now:

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Opposition Meeting Announcement Video on YouTube

I found this announcement today on the YouTube – a user called romamerda1 who seems to have joined the YouTube especially for the purpose of uploading this video has entitled it:”26 October 07 – the meeting for the future of Armenia” and has concluded the video description with the words: “FOR THE LIBERTY OF ARMENIA !!!”