Promotion of Hatred Towards Armenians A Factor of Azerbaijan Statehood

After a post by 517design about the artificial formation of azeri turks  into an Azerbaijan state, Arshakuni has written a large article, where, looking for answers to Europe’s success in maintaining prolonged peace, the blogger finds it in giving each nation the right for self-determination and forming their own nation state.

A nation denied of the right to self-determination and creation of its own nation state can do anything to achieve its ultimate goal, the blogger argues. In the case of Turkey 75 years ago – it was a Genocide of Armenians and ethnic cleansing, to ensure, that Turks form a majority in their nation state. In case of Azerbaijan, in spite of the different khanates that existed on its territory before being incorporated into the Russian empire, the country simply never existed on the world map before 1918.

The very process of the establishment of the Azeri nation is based on fighting Armenia. Azeri national solidarity has found the very necessary element to be based on- the enemy-the Armenians.


Azerbaijan entered the very stage of the nation-state creation with its independence and their ethnic self-establishment as a nation required an enemy and Armenians ideally fit into the frame of state enemy.

In 1990 Baku was cleared of the remaining Armenians and Azeris finally reached one of their main goals, which was creating their very own, ethnic-Azeri elite in charge of country’s economy. Getting rid of Armenians persuaded not less important goal of creation of their very own Azeri ethnic culture, which was in a way always overshadowed by the Armenians, Russians, Jews and others.

For other Armenian bloggers, however, the ethnic cleansing of Armenians in 1990’s is much more then an academic speculation about Azerbaijan’s state-building forces. With memories of 13th January, 1990’s, Araksi reminds everybody about the pogroms, which started on that date 18 years ago in Baku, and continued non-stop for several days. The thread was picked up by Pigh, Aerial-vortex, Lchak, Uzogh, Viraboff, Kornelij, Texneg, Ahousekeeper, Saramarabu.

Uzogh has also provided links to the memories of General Lebed, who led Soviet forces to calm down the killings, and Alexandr Safarov, officer of Soviet Army.

More bloggers commemorating the sad anniversary: Anaid1708, 517design, Athanatoi, Mkdotam, Norayr, Gianluigi, Moonlight.

With more sad anniversaries coming up in January, including Hrant Dinks’s assassination on January 19th,  one can’t help but ask – where is God, and why is he putting so much suffering on behalf of my poor Armenian nation?