Armenia 103,599 sq/km According to Lecture of H.E. Ara Papian

Via EAFJD this interesting lecture of His Excellency Ara Papian, where he proves, that Armenia has all legal grounds to demand from Turkey to return its lands, and that the land area of Armenia should be 103,599 sq/km, instead of 29,800 sq/km internationally recognized area of today.

I personally find it hard to believe, that anything or anyone can force Turkey to give up its land area to Armenia. However, I think that people like Ara Papian and Armen Ayvazyan, who’s views on Armenia-Turkish relations are often qualified as “extremist” and “leading to nowhere”, are doing something really important. We need these views to be spoken out loud, and heard. We need even to press for them on the state policy level and excerpt as much pressure on Turkey as possible. Diplomacy is one big trade after all – and we need to start with the maximum price and go gradually down, to where both sides can compensate and reach an acceptable solution.

I think the Armenian state policy of today is rather week on that matter – we don’t even know what that policy is to be honest. They say “resumption of diplomatic relations without pre-conditions” and they don’t even say what the state policy is on the matter of Genocide recognition. Once Onnik Krikoryan asked me, what would I consider satisfactory solution of Armenia-Turkey relations. My answer:

  1. Turkey must recognize the Armenian Genocide.
  2. Turkey must pay due remunerations to Diaspora Armenians and those in the territory of Armenia, who have lost the lives of their relatives during the Genocide.
  3. Turkey should open the border.
  4. Turkey should give Armenia privileged access to one of its port-cities and tax-free passage through its territory from Armenia to that port-city and back.

Did I forget anything?