Armenia will survive the global food crisis

While the global food crisis has already caused serious riots and protests around the world with sometimes tragic casualties, Armenia seems to be safe so far, and in the perspective we will be able to feed ourselves throughout the period of global starvation which is predicted to last till 2015.
At this point Armenia is able to produce 100% of 780 thousand tons of potatoes consumed here annually, according to the data from the Armenian Statistical Service. We are also able to provide all 970 thousand tons of vegetables consumed in Armenia, and 97% of 355 thousand tons of fruits consumed here. Speaking of favorite dishes – dolma, barbeque and basturma – Armenians consume 53 thousand tons of meat, while producing only 80% of it. 99% of 26 thousand tons of eggs we eat are produced here, along with 98% of dairy products – at the rate of 680 thousand tons of milk, yogurt, sour cream and the like going through.
Now the bad news is – Armenia imports 60% of its wheat from Russia and Ukraine, and 96%! percent of sugar – although I like my coffee without sugar anyway. We also import 75% of vegetable oils, although, like in the case of sugar, we shouldn’t have a problem producing it here. On another note, the price rises have began to bite in Armenia already, and while we might be able to produce all the food we need, it remains to be seen, if we will also be able to afford it in the near future or no?