Armenian opposition rally banned on March 1

Opposition rally in matenadaran 2008Municipal authorities in Yerevan have banned a rally which the Armenian opposition plans to hold in the city center on the first anniversary of the March 1 deadly clashes sparked by the 2008 presidential election, RFE/RL reports.
The authorities have proposed the opposition to hold the near Yerevan’s “Dynamo” stadium, just outside the city center.
Artak Zeynalyan of “Hanrapetutyun” party had presented a formal notification to the municipality on February 9th about their intention to hold a rally in the area next to Yerevan’s manuscript museum – Matenadaran or the Northern Avenue, to be followed by a march to Myasnikyan statue –  the location of March 1 violent clashes between opposition supporters and the police. Continue reading “Armenian opposition rally banned on March 1”

Turkish university seeking Armenian-speaking instructors in Azerbaijan

NEVŞEHİR Nevşehir University Rector Filiz Kılıç has informed Today’s Zaman, that the university has set up a department of Armenian language and literature but has been unable to offer courses yet as no instructors have been found.

She said that although the Higher Education Board (YÖK) gave its permission to establish the department, the university has had difficulties in finding Armenian-speaking instructors. “We have been unable to find any available candidates in Turkey. We are now looking for instructors in Azerbaijan. The department needs at least three instructors before it can begin accepting students and offering courses,” she said.

Well, I’d be really interested to know – why isn’t the Rector considering the candidacy of one of the estimated 40 to 70 thousand Armenians living in Turkey?

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