Easy way to boost your website traffic

Need a lot more traffic to your website? Just post the map above into your website. This is the map of the Republic of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh Republic, showing the de facto border with the Republic of Azerbaijan as of today. Be sure, that, as Kornelij puts it in his blog, the map will attract a lot of angry Azerbaijanis. If you’re interested why – check out the wikipedia page, although its not always accurate.

Yerevan "Hails" International Genocide Affirmation

“Official Yerevan remains firm in its position to welcome efforts by other countries to recognize the Ottoman-era massacres of Armenians as genocide and deems them important not only for Armenia but also for the entire international community, according to the country’s top diplomat,” RFE/RL reports.
Official Yerevan has remained silent on the introduction of an Armenian Genocide recognition resolution in the US Congress only days after Armenian-Turkish protocols on normalizing relations has been signed, triggering speculations, that the resolution was an attempt by the powerful Armenian Diaspora in the United States to interfere with the process of ratification of those protocols in the Turkish parliament. Continue reading “Yerevan "Hails" International Genocide Affirmation”

Armenia: a safe country for foreigners?

S7001897 “Armenia is a very safe country, Yerevan is a safe place” I usually tell foreign friends and colleagues visiting Armenia and leave them free to explore it as much as they like, they are all grown ups, after all.

Latest crime figures released by Armenia’s Police for the first 9 months of this year will certainly make me think twice before I let my foreign guests walk free of my company from now on.

Continue reading “Armenia: a safe country for foreigners?”

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