It's a Boy! World's 7 Billionth Baby Is Born in Armenia

Armenia -- Vahram Voskanian, the world's 7 millionth baby born on 31Oct2011 in Artik
Armenia -- Vahram Voskanian, the world's 7 billionth baby born on 31Oct2011 in Artik | Photo by

Vahram Voskanian was born 20 minutes past midnight in Artik’s Mother and Child Care Center in Northern Armenia. The Armenian office of the UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund recognized him as Armenia’s symbolic 7 billionth child. Continue reading “It's a Boy! World's 7 Billionth Baby Is Born in Armenia”


I’m getting old or tired or both…
It is becoming increasingly harder for me to keep up with the crazy tempo of work (I’m dedicating full 24/7 to, allocating time to the family, friends and keep blogging daily.
This blog has been a place for me to spend some free time and experiment with my writing and amaturish ideas about politics.
It has never been an obligation. But as the number of blog’s visitors continues to increase (getting 2-3000 visitors per day on average last month), I somehow feel guilty for not posting something fresh every day. And that guilt kills me.
So I decided to say sorry today and promise to start blogging every day again starting from Monday.

Armenia Improves its Position by 6 Points in Latest Doing Business Report

Armenia has significantly improved its position in the latest Doing Business report published annually by the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank.
Armenia has moved up 6 points reaching the 55th slot among 183 countries covered by the report.
The Doing Business project provides objective measures of business regulations for local firms in 183 economies and selected cities at the subnational level and is considered an important indicator for driving foreign investments to a country. Continue reading “Armenia Improves its Position by 6 Points in Latest Doing Business Report”

Armenia 1:2 Ireland

Armenian keeper Roman Berezovski during the decisive Armenia vs Ireland match during Euro-2012
When Armenia started losing during yesterday’s game, I was totally heartbroken at first. But than I looked and saw, that in reality, we’re not losing. The score is nothing – our team was playing so good, that I don’t care about the score anymore. Armenia finally has a great football team for the whole world to see and for us – fans, to enjoy. That was a great game, guys! Go Armenia, you’re super! Continue reading “Armenia 1:2 Ireland”

Armenia Beats Macedonia 4:1 in Euro 2012 Qualifier

Watching Armenia - Macedonia match on an LCD projector screen in Tbilisi
Georgia -- Watching Armenia - Macedonia "Euro 2012" qualifier match in a hotel room, Tbilisi, 07Oct2012

There were no Russian or Armenian (nor Macedonian) channels on the hotel’s list of channels in Tbilisi. So we were moving around with lost and troubled faces since Tuesday. “Where are we going to watch the match?” was everyone’s question when coming across in the hotel lobby in our free time. Continue reading “Armenia Beats Macedonia 4:1 in Euro 2012 Qualifier”

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